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Fishing Rods

Fishing Rods

If you’re shopping for some amazing deals on fishing rods then you have come to the right place. Here at Fishing Tackle shop we stock a massive array of fishing rods for sale in a wide range of styles and major brands.
Just below is where you can shop by style of rod. We have several hundred for sale specifically tailored to the anglers needs from those that fish the beach, rocks, boat, or river banks. We even stock a large range of specific rods say for travelling, for using soft plastic lures or just for using poppers to target GT.
Alternatively, if you wish to cut to the chase and prefer to shop by brands instead just keep scrolling further down the page toward the bottom to see our range of major brands for sale. We stock and are Australian authorized dealers of Shimano, Penn, Ugly Stik, and a whole lot more. See our amazing online deals below.
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Fishing rods at the best prices and in the best brands – Check our massive range out. Shop Now
  • River and Lake Fishing Rods
    River And Lake Fishing Rods

    River And Lake Fishing Rods

    River and Lake Fishing Rods are one of our specialties here in our online tackle store.
    Freshwater fishing or saltwater fishing in rivers and lakes can offer a more relaxed experience compared to surf and game fishing. Listen to the water lapping against the shore amid tranquil surroundings as you fish with the ideal rod to suit your budget and requirements. The Fishing Tackle Shop is home to a vast selection of freshwater fishing rods and saltwater estuary rods from the best brands.

    Fishing Rods for - Lake, River, Harbours, Jetties and all your usual light fishing situations. Shop Now
  • Surf Fishing Rods
    Surf Fishing Rods

    Surf Fishing Rods

    Surf Fishing Rods are the ideal choice when you plan to do a little bit of beach fishing.
    Surf fishing gives you the freedom to stroll out into the ocean with only the necessary angling gear you require. This stripped back approach allows you to battle in the surf in a way that no other form of angling can. Now let us help you find a beach fishing rod worth taking into battle. Check out our huge range of surf fishing rods below.

    Check out our massive range of longer style surf rods for beach fishing. Shop Now
  • Rock Fishing Rods
    Rock Fishing Rods

    Rock Fishing Rods

    Rock fishing is a thrilling pursuit in which anglers get the added boost of adrenaline as they fish from rocky outcrops. The first step to getting started is to pick a suitable rod from the impressive rock fishing rods available here at the Fishing Tackle Shop.

    Large range of saltwater rock fishing rods for lure and bait fishing on the rocks. Shop Now
  • Spinning Rods
    Spinning Rods

    Spinning Rods

    Spinning Rods are fishing rods which are suitable for anglers of all levels. Normally ideal for spinning with lures, from these fishing rods for sale, you can find a model with the right power, length, and range of innovations.

    Spinning rods for saltwater shore based lure spinning along the Australian coastline. Shop Now
  • Travel Rods
    Travel Rods

    Travel Rods

    The introduction of Travel Rods for sale means no longer do you have settle for overused rental gear on your next fishing holiday. A travel fishing rod is the ultimate solution for anglers who want to savour every second of their experience. You can take these fishing rods with you to some of the world’s most stunning angling getaways. Browse the range below to prepare for the dream fishing holiday.

    Multi piece fishing rods that are portable and ideal for travelling or keeping in the car etc. Shop Now
  • Telescopic Fishing Rods
    Telescopic Fishing Rods

    Telescopic Fishing Rods

    A telescopic fishing rod can appeal to anglers for a number of reasons, the most important of which is the collapsible design. Another is that they are highly affordable and available for jaw-dropping prices. You have plenty of options to consider in our entire range of telescopic fishing rods for sale.

    Collapsible fishing rods perfect where space is limited and ideal for travel. Shop Now
  • Boat Fishing Rods - Spin
    Boat Fishing Rods - Spin

    Boat Fishing Rods - Spin

    There’s a wealth of fish species waiting just beyond the shoreline. Boat fishing gives anglers the freedom to sail out into deeper waters in search of worthy opponents. And to prepare you for those battles, we have compiled a huge collection of boat fishing rods, with a focus on spinning rods.

    Need a boat rod? This category will suit those that have a spinning type reel. Shop Now
  • Boat Fishing Rods - Overhead
    Boat Fishing Rods - Overhead

    Boat Fishing Rods - Overhead

    Boat Fishing Rods – Overhead Rods are plentiful here at Fishing tackle shop with our range ready to take your angling experience out into deeper waters in search of species that aren’t found so close to the shoreline. That is exactly what a boat fishing rod can do for you. Anglers who prefer an overhead rod setup can find those model styles by browsing this section of fishing rods for sale.

    Overhead fishing rods are great for deep sea boat fishing. See our range. Shop Now
  • Boat Fishing Rods - Jigging
    Boat Fishing Rods - Jigging

    Boat Fishing Rods - Jigging

    Whether you want one of these fishing rods for true jigging or to have a smaller rod with considerable force, there are multiple options for your consideration. In choosing a jigging rod, you can consider these boat fishing rods based on manufacturer, features, length, power rating, and price tag. Everything you need to decide can be found in our product descriptions.

    Deep sea jigging is a very popular form of boat fishing and we have rods to suit. Shop Now
  • Boat Fishing Rods - Game Fish
    Game Fishing Rods For Sale

    Boat Fishing Rods - Game Fish

    Game Fishing rods in this range are ideal for game fishing applications from boats out in the ocean. They have been engineered to withstand the exposure to saltwater as well as the pressure exerted by powerful species of fish such as marlin and tuna. All suitable game fishing rods for boat fishing are displayed underneath.

    Rods for chasing large game fish from a boat such as marlin, tuna and more. Shop Now
  • Baitcaster Fishing Rods
    Baitcaster Fishing Rods

    Baitcaster Fishing Rods

    You can pair up a baitcaster fishing rod with an accompanying reel to cast further and with greater precision, provided you are familiar with the technique. For all of your baitcaster fishing needs, the Fishing Tackle Shop is here to help. Take a look at our complete range of baitcaster fishing rods for options to suit every level.

    Baitcaster fishing rods from bass to Barra – Check out the range we have. Shop Now
  • Soft Plastic and Hard body Lure Rods
    Soft Plastic And Hard Body Lure Rods

    Soft Plastic And Hard Body Lure Rods

    Allow us to introduce a selection of fishing rods that are ideally suited for use with soft plastic lures and hard body lures. Each offers its own unique approach, with soft plastic fishing using bait that feels real in the mouth of a fish and hardbody lures offering impressive fish enticing actions. Below we have laid out a selection of fishing rods fit for both purposes.

    See our great range of soft plastic and hard body lure rods out here. Shop Now
  • GT Popper Fishing Rods
    GT Popper Fishing Rods

    GT Popper Fishing Rods

    For anglers who are brave enough to hunt giant trevally, they need fishing rods that can stand up to these beasts from the waters of the Indo-Pacific region. Thankfully, there is a range of options from affordable to premium here at the Fishing Tackle Shop. The best GT fishing rods are displayed underneath.

    Popper fishing rods for targeting GT, Tuna, Kingfish and other powerful saltwater fish. Shop Now
  • Egi Squid Fishing Rods
    Egi Squid Fishing Rods

    Egi Squid Fishing Rods

    EGI Squid Fishing Rods are all the rage as more and more anglers are fishing for squid as a new challenge. Squid fishing can be difficult at first, as it forces you to use your wits and finesse to catch even smaller species. But with the right fishing gear and a little patience, you can quickly get the hang of squid jigging. The specialised EGI rods below will get you started.

    Squid Fishing Rods for those who are into specialist style Egi fishing. Shop Now
  • Pink Fishing Rods
    Pink Fishing Rods

    Pink Fishing Rods

    Pink Fishing Rods are available for purchase here in our online fishing store.
    Ladies fishing rods are growing more popular with every passing year. Now female anglers don’t have to sacrifice colour with their fishing rods. These pink fishing rods have been designed as low-cost models packed with performance-enhancing features.

    For the ladies – We stock a range of pink fishing rods. Check them out! Shop Now
  • Fly Fishing Rods
    Fly Fishing Rods

    Fly Fishing Rods

    Compared to most forms of angling, fly fishing requires an alternate technique. The extremely lightweight nature of an artificial fly makes it much tougher to cast over larger distances than with heavier fishing lures. The only way to adopt this approach is with specialist fly fishing rods. You will have plenty of affordable options to consider in this section.

    Fly fishing rods are here at Fishing Tackle Shop. Check out our range. Shop Now

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