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Fishing Rods

If you’re shopping for some amazing deals on fishing rods then you have come to the right place. Here at Fishing Tackle shop we stock a massive array of fishing rods for sale in a wide range of styles and major brands.

Just below is where you can shop by style of rod. We have several hundred for sale specifically tailored to the anglers needs from those that fish the beach, rocks, boat, or river banks. We even stock a large range of specific rods say for travelling, for using soft plastic lures or just for using poppers to target GT.

Alternatively, if you wish to cut to the chase and prefer to shop by brands instead just keep scrolling further down the page toward the bottom to see our range of major brands for sale. We stock and are Australian authorized dealers of Shimano, Penn, Ugly Stik, and a whole lot more. See our amazing online deals below. Shop Now.

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River & Lake Fishing Rods

Fishing Rods for - Lake, River, Harbours, Jetties and more.

Surf Fishing Rods

Check out our massive range of surf rods for beach fishing.

Rock Fishing Rods

Large range of rock fishing rods for lure and bait fishing.

Spinning Rods

Spinning rods for shore based lure spinning.

Travel Rods

Multi piece fishing rods ideal for travelling or keeping in the car.

Telescopic Fishing Rods

Collapsible fishing rods perfect where space is limited and ideal for travel.

Boat Fishing Rods - Spin

Need a boat rod? This category will suit those that have a spinning type reel.

Boat Fishing Rods - Overhead

Overhead fishing rods are great for deep sea boat fishing. See our range.

Boat Fishing Rods - Jigging

Deep sea jigging is a very popular form of boat fishing and we have rods to suit.

Boat Fishing Rods - Game Fish

Rods for chasing large game fish from a boat such as marlin, tuna and more.

Baitcaster Fishing Rods

Baitcaster fishing rods from bass to Barra – Check out the range we have.

Soft Plastic & Hard body Lure Rods

See our great range of soft plastic and hard body lure rods out here.

GT Popper Fishing Rods

Popper fishing rods for targeting GT, Tuna, Kingfish and more.

Egi Squid Fishing Rods

Squid Fishing Rods for those who are into specialist style Egi fishing.

Fly Fishing Rods

Fly fishing rods are here at Fishing Tackle Shop. Check out our range.

Pink Fishing Rods

For the ladies – We stock a range of pink fishing rods. Check them out!




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Here at Fishing Tackle Shop we may be your one stop for fishing rods to suit lakes and rivers, boat, game fishing, travel and so much more but we realise that not all anglers are versed with the knowledge and know how to confidently choose which type, style or even brand of rod to purchase and that’s where we here at Fishing Tackle Shop come in. We have tried to take some of that pain out of choosing the best fishing rod for your specific angling needs by writing this handy buyer guide which will hopefully assist you making the right decision about which rod to purchase. If you are still stuck the handy thing is we are only a phone call or email away to be able to assist you further and make some recommendations.

Types of Fishing Rods – Your first thing to consider when buying a new rod is what it will be used for without knowing this of having much of an idea about what you want to do or fish for will leave you at a dead end straight away as unfortunately whilst there may be a couple of general purpose rods for sale realistically it is a poor term and there really isn’t an all in one rod that will do a large array of styles. So, if you’re looking for a rod to do beach, rock, river, lake and offshore boat fishing all in one, forget it. If budget is a big issue we would rather sell you two rods for two different purposes that fit your budget than to sell you something that will perform poorly in certain fishing styles. Without making it too complex though we like to break things down into 3 major categories.  Beach and Rock, River and Lake or offshore boat.  Once you know which of these major styles you are mostly going to be doing we are ready to assist you further.

About Beach and Rock Fishing Rods Typically surf and rock rods are long (8 foot or more) this is so the angler can achieve a much longer cast than they would with a smaller rod. There are a couple of factors you need to consider here to get the right rod and firstly that is

a)    Will you generally be fishing off the rocks?

b)    Will you only be fishing off the beach?

c)    Are you often likely to be doing a bit of both?

If you answered A, we would suggest you start by looking at rods between the 8-10ft vicinity these will be more versatile in size and allow you to easily fish with bait or spin with lures. If your answer was B we would suggest you look at rods around the 12ft size. This is so you can achieve a larger distance cast to get past the breakers and if you chose to answer C, then our suggestion would be to consider a size around 10ft so you can ideally get the best of both worlds. Unless of course you are not too concerned about budget and don’t mind having a few rods.

Now, hopefully not to confuse you, but in stating the above it may not always be entirely accurate as there are some beaches around the coast of Australia which are quite sheltered, don’t have much swell and drop off quite quick, in this case you can often get away with shorter rods down to around 6ft, especially if you are fishing for species such as sand whiting.

River and Lake Rods  Generally most anglers across Australia will use shorter rods for river and lake fishing and here at Fishing Tackle Shop we find our bestselling size to be 7 foot in length. From here you need to know a little about what you are targeting. To cover the basics for most part of Australia light table and sport fish are the common targets, species like bream, flathead, perch, trout, Australian bass, Whiting and a host of other light target species. We suggest looking for a rod that has a line rating of 2kgs plus. (generally, up to around 5kg).

When we get into to heavier lake and river category for fish species such as murray cod, barramundi or mulloway. Our suggestion is to look for a rod that has a rating of 6kgs plus. Commonly a 6-10kg rating is ideal for most part of targeting the larger than average saltwater or freshwater estuary species.

Boat Rods   rods for boat fishing can be separated in to two separate categories

a)    For river and lake boat fishing

b)    For offshore boat fishing

If you fall under category A, we suggest you look at our  few paragraphs above focusing on river and lake rods as you won’t require anything that differs from our above recommendations. However, if you fall under category B, and do quite a bit of offshore fishing then again you will need a little knowledge of the types of fish you are targeting and the style of offshore boat fishing you will be doing.  Once you are armed with that knowledge you will be much better prepared in making an educated decision when purchasing your next boat rod.

Boat Rods are traditionally short as you have limited space from which you can work and land the fish appropriately as well as having to contend with other anglers that may be on the boat all of which can prove a challenge. So, typically our bestselling boat rods are between the lengths of 5ft 6 inches and 7ft. However, there are a few specialist rods out there such as soft plastic lure rods for snapper or GT stick bait and popping rods that can go up to 8ft or so. For most part though, 5ft 6 inch to 7ft has the average angler covered.

Some of the most common rods we sell for offshore boat fishing here on this category page shown further above include:

-       Boat Fishing Rods (Spin) – Suited to casting lures or bottom bashing reefs with baits for your average offshore table fish.

-       Boat Rods (Overhead) – Like above, these rods are tailored to reef fishing as well as light-medium trolling but suit overhead style reels only.

-       Game Fishing Rods – To target marlin, tuna, sharks and other game fish.

-       Jigging Rods – Designed for offshore jigging with vertical jig lures but also work well for general bottom reef fishing and basic trolling from the back of the boat as well.

Specialty Rods  We also stock a few specially Rods here at Fishing Tackle Shop including:

-       GT Popper Rods, for targeting giant trevally, kingfish, tuna and more on poppers and stickbaits.

-       Egi Squid Rods, for catching squid shore or boat based. These rods have been specifically designed to impart the best action to your squid jig as well as being highly responsive so you can better detect hits.

-       Fly Fishing Rods, for saltwater and freshwater fly anglers.

-       Bait Caster Rods, an overhead style rod designed typically for inshore fishing. Mostly favoured among those that fish for barramundi or cod and require a short but more accurate cast into snaggy fishing territory. They only suit baitcaster style reels.

-       Travel Rods, For anglers that travel or want a rod to keep in the car or caravan that is portable and breaks into multiple pieces.

Graphite or Fibreglass and what’s the difference – Fishing Rods are generally made from 2 types of materials these days either fibreglass, graphite or composite (a bit of both).  There are advantages and disadvantages to both.

For Fibreglass, they are extremely robust and very affordable, they can take a lot more punishment compared to graphite. However, they are thicker and heavier and not as sensitive compared to graphite or composite rods. Fibreglass rods still have their place though and are favoured amongst bait anglers and beginner to intermediate anglers that tend to be a bit rougher on their gear.

Composite or High Carbon Graphite is the choice of many of anglers these days as they sport high strength and power capabilities (when handled correctly), crisp faster taper actions, are lighter in weight and are extremely responsive. They are often favoured among anglers that fish with lures. Whist graphite is strong they are not as robust as fibreglass especially if the rod is lifted higher than a 90 degrees angle. If they are lifted beyond this then you can run the risk of breakage of the tip section. When on a snag they must also always be pointed directly at the snag and directly pulled back without full bend in the rod. Graphite rods should not be pulled back in an up and down whippy motion to de-snag a hook or lure. That said, Graphite and composite rods are our most popular choice and we certainly recommend them for the best performance and action. If you are new to graphite and want to know more about how to fish with them properly and the do’s and don’ts to avoid breakage then get in touch with our team and we will provide you with all the additional advice you need.

Buyers Guide Summary – If at any stage you get stuck or if you're not sure of the type of fishing rod you require for your needs head to our contact us page for our details and we will assist you with your needs.

You can browse our fishing rods for sale by searching through the brands and categories listed above. All the product descriptions will be packed with helpful information about the features, specifications and benefits to help you make an educated decision on what fishing rod is the right one for you. Head back up the page now and check out all the fishing rods for sale.