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Daiwa Fishing Reels


Daiwa has been building its reputation since 1955. Over six decades, Daiwa fishing reels have risen to the top of the industry. The following range is home to a vast range of innovative models. Choose yours from Daiwa spinning reels, Daiwa overhead reels, Daiwa baitcasting reels, and Daiwa electric reels.

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Daiwa Spinning Reels

Daiwa spinning reels are all here - Check out our monster range.

Daiwa Overhead Fishing Reels

If overhead fishing is your cup of tea then it’s hard to go past our range of Daiwa overhead reels

Daiwa Baitcasting Reels

Baitcasters from daiwa are plentiful here at fishing tackle shop – View our range.

Daiwa Electric Reels

Electric Fishing Reels are becoming ever so popular – See our range of Daiwa electric reels here.



Ideal for Elite Anglers –Professional and elite anglers alike can find suitable fishing reels within our range. Simply choose your preferred category before viewing the various models within. All vital features and specifications have been listed.

Diverse Features –Daiwa reels are so appealing because the manufacturer does not recycle its features across its products. For instance, the features of a premium baitcasting reel will be considerably different to those of a cheaper baitcast reel.

Mag-Sealed Protection –Daiwa uses magnetic oil in several fishing reels in their range to prevent a low-friction seal to guard against the entry of corrosive elements. Daiwa reels with this feature will keep out dust, grit, and saltwater.

Electronic Revolution –Daring anglers are starting to use of electric fishing reels for deep drop fishing for species like gemfish, large saltwater cod and more. The power assist significantly reduces the physical effort required.

Making Your Choice –Angling categories and prices can be helpful guides, but why not ask us any questions directly? You can do this simply by using the live chat function or drop us an email. An expert angler will get back to you quickly to discuss your needs for a Daiwa Fishing Reel.