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Soft Plastic Lures


Fishing with soft plastic Lures is highly effective because your lure will mimic types of food that fish like to eat. That appeal will result in a higher rate of fish biting your hook. Then it is up to you to reel in the fish. This is where you can find a diverse selection of soft plastics for sale here at fishing tackle shop available for eye-opening prices.

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Squidgies for sale – Choose from wrigglers, fish, prawns and more

Berkley Gulp Fishing Lures

See our range of Berkley Gulp lures for sale at affordable prices here.

Berkley Power Bait Soft Plastics

Shop Here for freshwater and saltwater powerbait lures by Berkley

Zman Lures

Zman Lures are available for sale here – great range. Check them out!

Soft Plastic Fishing Lures - Other

Select this category for all other effective soft plastic fishing lures in brands that have not been covered in other categories.

Jig heads

If you need Jig heads we have brands for sale here such as Nitro, Squidgy and TT Jig Heads.



Real Textures – Soft plastic lures give you a clear advantage because of their texture. Their soft design mimics the feel of live bait in the mouths of fish in a way that hard bodies cannot. Fish will mouth soft plastics for longer and will be more likely to get caught on your hook.

Enticing Shapes – Another invaluable feature of soft plastic fishing lures is that they are designed in the shape of grubs, worms, insects, minnows, baitfish, and other enticing foods. Soft plastic fishing can give you a major edge that other fishing lures will not and you will find some great patterns in our range for sale from brands such as Zman, Squidgies and Berkley.

Gulp Soft Plastics – These are easily the most popular soft plastics among anglers. Berkley Fishing produces them entirely from natural ingredients and no actual plastics. That helps Gulp soft plastic lures to catch more fish than nearly all other equivalents.

Expert Advice – Learning how to fish with soft plastics will not take long. Buy your first pack and you can get started on your next trip. Talk to our angling experts if you have any questions on fishing with soft plastics whether you are out to targeting flathead, bream, snapper or any other fish species.