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Soft Plastic Lures

Soft Plastic Lures

Fishing with soft plastic Lures is highly effective because your lure will mimic types of food that fish like to eat. That appeal will result in a higher rate of fish biting your hook. Then it is up to you to reel in the fish. This is where you can find a diverse selection of soft plastics for sale here at fishing tackle shop available for eye-opening prices.

Huge range of soft plastic fishing lures & jig heads in all the popular brands. Shop Now
  • Zman Lures
    Zman Lures

    Zman Lures

    Zman Lures For Sale - Here at Fishing Tackle Shop we like to pride ourselves on stocking all the popular, quality and latest fishing equipment available and this includes Zman Plastics in varieties such as Steakz Curly Tailz, Jerk Baitz, Minnowz, Curl Tailz and more.
    Whether you are fishing freshwater or saltwater we deliver Zman lures Australia wide as well as worldwide. Check out our range of soft plastic lures for sale below.

    Zman Lures are available for sale here in wriggler, fish and more – great range. Check them out. Shop Now
  • Berkley Gulp Fishing Lures
    Berkley Gulp Fishing Lures

    Berkley Gulp Fishing Lures

    Berkley Gulp – Soft Plastic Lures have maintained their presence in an angling market that sees innovative new products released with every passing month. The ability of soft plastic lures is to feel like real bait in the mouths of fish and make them tough to resist.
    From all of the soft plastics on the market, Berkley Gulp is one range that remains at the forefront and one big reason is though whilst gulp lures are referred to as soft plastics they are actually far from it as they are made from natural biodegradable food like substances. See how you can benefit below.

    See our range of Berkley Gulp lures for sale at affordable prices here. Shop Now
  • Squidgies


    Squidgies – Squidgy Soft Plastics are for sale here at affordable prices in our online fishing store.
    Forget about lures that suddenly arrive from nowhere and promise you the ocean. Soft plastics are the ever-reliable fishing lures that continue to perform as the years pass. Few lures can match the realistic feel of soft plastic lures, which feel lifelike thanks to their squidgy design, hence the term squidgies. See what these can do for you below.

    Squidgies for sale – Choose from wrigglers, fish, prawns and more for freshwater and saltwater fishing. Shop Now
  • Soft Plastic Fishing Lures - Other
    Soft Plastic Fishing Lures - Other

    Soft Plastic Fishing Lures - Other

    Soft Plastic Lures – Other is a dedicated section for all of the specialist soft plastic fishing lures and related products that don’t quite fit into other dedicated sections in our online fishing store. This is where you can find one-of-a-kind soft plastic lures in tricky shapes like crabs and shrimp and brands that only specialize in one or so ranges. Scent is even available for applying to your soft plastics to make them extra appealing.

    Select this category for all other effective soft plastic fishing lures in brands that have not been covered in other categories. Shop Now
  • Berkley Power Bait Soft Plastics
    Berkley Power Bait Soft Plastics

    Berkley Power Bait Soft Plastics

    Berkley Powerbait – Powerbait Soft Plastic Lures were first launched way back in 1988 and has been the fishing lure of choice for millions of anglers over many years. Powerbait emerged as a revolutionary piece of technology, giving anglers a soft style of bait that felt, looked, and even tasted like live bait. The results have been more bites than harder fishing lures.

    Shop Here for freshwater and saltwater powerbait lures by Berkley. Shop Now
  • Jig heads
    Jig Heads

    Jig Heads

    Jig Heads for Soft Plastic Lures For Sale at affordable prices right here at Fishing Tackle shop.
    Investing in soft plastic fishing lures is just the first step. You also need to have the right weight of fishing line and the optimal jig head to succeed. Get a good setup and you will find it much easier to catch fish with this finesse approach to angling. Find the ideal jig heads for your fishing setup here. We stock only the best fishing tackle brands.

    If you need Jig heads we have brands for sale here such as Nitro, Squidgy and TT Jig Heads. Shop Now

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