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Rapala Crush City The Imposter Lures - Prawn/Shrimp

So, there I was, rods and reels ready, heading out to the waters with my fishing buddies. We'd been using the same old lures for years, and our catch had been "predictable." But that day, I had a secret weapon in my tackle box - the Rapala Crush City 'Imposter.'

This was no ordinary prawn lure; it was the 'Imposter,' a master of deception. I rigged it up, casting it out with excitement coursing through me. Then, like magic, a nibble.

A tug. A clash of wills ensued between a fish that had fallen for the ultimate Imposter and me. My grin widened with every turn of the reel, knowing I had outsmarted nature.

From that day forward, the 'Imposter' became an indispensable tool in my fishing arsenal. Remember this: never underestimate the awe-inspiring power of a well-crafted imposter!

Upgrade your fishing game with the all-new Rapala Crush City Imposter lures! Now available in Australia, these new soft plastics are skillfully made to look like prawns, a favourite food for many types of Australian fish. This lure incorporates advanced core shot technology and infuses it with a tempting shrimp scent. The Imposter prawn lure has the ability to deceive even the most cautious fish.

The imposter prawn, which measures a versatile 3 inches, ideally suits a wealth of inshore fish in Australian waters. Whether you're angling in freshwater or saltwater, the 'Imposter' is your ultimate bait for a successful fishing trip. Experience the exhilaration of the catch with Rapala's Crush City, The Imposter — it's irresistibly prawn-like!

Features and Specifications:

  • Prawn-style fishing lure
  • Soft plastic
  • Made from T.P.E material
  • 6 lures in the packet
  • Core shot technology provides a unique colour offering
  • Shrimp scent infused for added attraction
  • Suitable for freshwater or saltwater fishing
  • Size: 3 inches (7.62 cm)

Note: Multiple images on this listing are for illustrative purposes only. The price is for a single packet of imposter prawns only. The preceding short story is a fictional and dramatized portrayal of the product, crafted to captivate and engage.

Why should I use Rapala Crush City The Imposter?

Rapala's Crush City The Imposter will help you up your fishing game like never before. This lure is crafted to resemble real prawns in appearance and scent, providing the ultimate deception and is bound to draw in even the wariest fish species. Get the Rapala Crush City The Imposter lures today and experience the thrill of outsmarting nature!

What is the Imposter made of?

Rapala Crush City's 'The Imposter' boasts a construction of T.P.E material, a soft plastic expertly engineered in this instance to mirror the movements of real prawns. This durable design ensures it can withstand the elements, guaranteeing a longer product lifespan. The T.P.E material also has the distinct advantage of positive buoyancy in water, which gives your lures a tail-up presentation that piques the interest of curious fish during pauses.

Can the Rapala Crush City The Imposter be used in salt and freshwater?

Yes, this lure is suitable for both saltwater and freshwater fishing. Its versatile size makes it an excellent choice for a wide variety of inshore fish here in Australia.

What size Jig head will suit the Imposter?

The Imposter 3 inch will ideally suit most jig heads with a hook size between 1 to 2/0

Where can I buy the Rapala Crush City The Imposter Lures?

The new range of Crush City Lures is available for sale right here at the fishing tackle shop. Choose from a variety of colours, and be sure to check out the other Rapala Lures available for your fishing needs.

With fast dispatch, you'll have your new Crush City Lures soon! So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to up your game with Rapala Crush City The Imposter Lures. Buy a pack today.


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