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THINK JEWFISH, BARRA, SNAPPER AND MORE! (Senior 100mm and Junior 75mm Model available)

The Chasebaits Smash Crab Lure (formally under the fish candy brand) is one of the newest additions to the Chasebaits lure series and is proving to be devastatingly productive on a massive range of fish from just below the surface to 50 meters depth.

The smash crab lure is as robust and hardy as it is fluid and flexible, constructed from super tough 10X material.

The action is unrivalled. On the drop, the legs and claws vibrate just like a real crab. Flipping straight onto its belly, its swims and crawls in an astonishingly realistic way. The action is so natural and effective, the angler needs to put little work onto the lure, letting the current take care of bringing the crab to life, or you can slow roll or jig.

You can even put your rod in the holder and let the swell, current and boat movement take care of the work.

Available in a couple of colours, natural and UV and now in two sizes (100mm or 75mm) the Chasebaits Smash Crab for sale now is a definite must-have for all of those anglers looking entice larger, crab-loving fish species onto the hooks and into the live well. Buy one or a selection of colours now.

Features and Specifications

  • Construction: Ultra-durable 10x strength soft plastic
  • Style:  Lifelike Crab Fishing Lure
  • Action: Slow roll / jig / boat, swell and current action
  • Suitable for Saltwater Fishing

Note: Price is for 1 lure only - Choose colour when ordering. Images for illustration only. Price varies depending on which size you select.

Chasebaits Smash Crab Buyer’s Guide

Chasebaits Smash Crab 100mm Original Size

  • Size:  100mm
  • Weight:   39g
  • Hook: Single forged x-strong custom 4/0 (cross braced)
  • Buoyancy: Sinking (1m/3.3 sec)
  • Ideal size for Snapper, Jewfish, Morwong, Kingfish, Barramundi, queenfish and more

At 100mm and weighing in at 39 grams, this is a larger crab bait. There is a massive range of fish that have such crabs as part of their staple.

The Chasebaits Smash Crab Lure is ideal fishing for Mulloway in all of their haunts. They are perfect for the reef angler chasing Snapper in particular but will prove impressive on any reef dwelling species.

The river anglers will find them ideal for hunting Barra, and the speculator can expect anything to land in their boat from Cobia, Kingfish to Tuna, yes, incredibly and somewhat unimaginable they have caught Tuna.

Chasebaits Smash Crab Junior

  • Size: 75mm
  • Hook: Single Shogun 2/0 – Rigged into the crab, ready to fish
  • Weight: approx. 18g
  • Sink Rate: 3.3m/sec
  • Prefect for flathead, trevally, snapper, mangrove jack and more

Designed by lure master Grainger Mayfield the Smash Crab Junior is a result of market demand requesting a smaller version of the highly successful Smash Crab to widen the appeal, attracting a larger range of species. The request was granted, and now, the Smash Crab Junior rides on the back of its older cousin, looking set to outstrip the bigger versions enormous success.

Straight of the line the Smash Crab Junior was already a winner taking out runner up at the ICAST trade show in the US and achieving the same feat here in Australia at the AFTA trade show.

Being so highly regarded by industry legends and angling masters is one thing, but for Mayfield, it is the performance on the job, out in the water on the end of your braid that gives him the greatest satisfaction. The performance has been outstanding attracting fish such as Flathead, Trevally, Snapper, Jacks, Mulloway and a host of reef fish such as Tusk fish and others, and all in great numbers.

The Smash Crab Junior measures in at 75mm is also available in some fantastic colour finishes. The Jnr comes fitted with a custom Shogun 2/0 hook. It is perfect for the inshore waters and performs just as well in nearshore applications such as shallow reefs.

Use the Chasebaits Smash Crab Junior for sale now where ever crabs live. Drop from rock ledges, pylons and such structure, and let your Junior do the work for you.


  • An ideal lure for a huge range of big fish right through the water column.
  • The braced hook ensures no twisting and your hook stays in place.
  • There’s no need to spend long hours collecting live crabs. The Smash Crab looks and moves just like the real thing.
  • Using the Smash Crab fishing lure is as good, if not better than the real deal. No angry claws to deal with and you can leave the real ones in their environment where they should be, strengthening the ecosystem.
  • Easy to use. The smash crab lure has such great movement you can set the rod in the holder and let the swell, current and roll of the boat do the rest.
  • The 'on-top' hook position and self-righting shape make the Smash Crab fishing lure snag resistant.
  • Constructed from 10X material giving the Chasebaits Smash Crab Junior superior action but more importantly additional durability.
  • Attracts fish the moment it hits the water and begins to drop due to its fantastic lifelike vibrating legs.
  • The Chasebaits Smash Crab is a must have for the lure box. It is tough to think of a salt species of any sort or size that won’t take a crab with relish.

Easy to use and attractive to so many different fish, you must have one in your fishing lure box. The Chasebaits Smash Crab Lure, for sale now.


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