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Duo Jerk Bait 120SP Realis

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Product Description

Duo Jerkbait 120SP Model Fishing Lures – Think Barra, Jewfish Tailor, Salmon and more!

Pretty well most anglers are familiar with the unrivalled quality engineered into Japanese hard body lures. The Duo Jerkbait 120SP is a prime example of this and the build quality is matched only by the fishing wisdom invested into every 120SP. The added bonus of the Duo Jerkbait 120SP is that there just about isn’t a fish that won’t devour it on first sight.

Innovations such as the internal rattling balls are what make the Duo Jerk bait lure model 120SP so advanced. The 4 internal balls are there to rattle and make a noise. The interesting part is that they are made from different materials and so emit sound at a low and a high pitch. Testing has demonstrated that fish of all varieties are stimulated by the sounds provided at different pitches.

The Duo Jerkbait Lure model 120SP will respond very well to fishing rod action. Working your tip will generate incredible darting and flashing that works very well in concert with its default high pitch rolling action.

Point your Duo Jerkbait 120SP at anything that swims. Hit Tailor from the rocks, throw them a Barra and Mangrove Jack in the top end and you’ll get more than a bit of interest from Trevally and Queenfish. Considering the exceptional build quality, the Duo Jerkbait 120SP is reasonably accessibly priced. Purchase a selection if your budget allows, get some colours that will work for you and start casting.

Features and Specifications

♦   Body Length: 120mm

♦   Weight: 18 grams

♦   Dive Depth (metres): 1.0 to 1.8 metres

♦   Hook Size: #5

♦   Class: Jerkbait

♦   Type: Suspending

♦   Unique sound emitting qualities

♦   Flat side body

♦   Great response to rod tip action

♦   High pitch rolling action

Note: Price: Displayed is for 1 lure only – images are for illustration, make your choice when ordering.



♦   Exceptionally engineered and design and paintwork are outstanding as is the solid durable construction. You will enjoy many sessions with your Duo Jerkbait fishing lure before it needs and overhaul.

♦   Internal balls of tungsten and steel create noise at different pitches creating greater appeal to a broader variety of fish.

♦   It is the stability of the lure that creates the high pitch rolling action allows it to maintain excellent swimming properties regardless of retrieval speeds. This allows for flexibility and variation depending on target and conditions.

♦   The sharp flashing and darting action provided by your rod work will attract a lot of attention from quite a distance.

♦   Useful in fresh and salt water, the Duo Jerkbait 120SP can be pointed at any number of species.

The Duo Jerkbait lures range represents the flagship of Duo lures. It really is unrivalled in build quality and you won’t need to see it swim to know this. It’s difficult to think of a fish that won’t find the Duo Jerkbait lure simply irresistible the next time you go fishing.


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