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Mepps Lures

Mepps Lures For Sale - Spinners

From the brand's humble beginnings in pre-WWII France to an American fishing institution, the iconic Mepps Lure is likely to have graced more tackle boxes than any other lure.

With three thousand models and sales that exceed 3 million lures per year, the prolific Mepps brand earned its reputation via success on the water.

Mepps Spinners will take nearly every freshwater fish in the world. In Australia, there deadly on trout, browns and rainbows, and a must for every Australian bass angler.

The lures remain entirely handmade, with each new lure design spending three years in testing before it hits the market. The fishing tackle shop has a range of Mepps lures for sale. See all of our best deals below.




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