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Jackall Lures

Jackall Lures For Sale

Jackall Lures is a premium brand lure designed in Japan. Designers Seiji Kato Ty Ono uses the latest technologies and materials to create sophisticated fishing lures that are now highly sought after everywhere in the world.

The finish on every product is superb. The attention to detail is evident at a glance. Every millimetre of the fishing lure from body shape, balance, hook placement, is engineered to deliver the perfect presentation.

Before a Jackall lure hits the shelf in Australia, it is tested extensively to ensure the strictest completion of performance parameters. Jackall relies on flawless performance to ensure you return for more.

Jackall lures catch more fish. It’s for this reason that the brand remains high on the list for pros and the more discerning lure angler. Jackall sits at the top end of the premium price point; however, their performance ensures that top billing is warranted and deserved.

We stock a wide variety of models including the jackall pompadour surface lure, lipless crankbaits like the TN60 and TN50, and crank bait lure models like the Chubby.

Jackall Lures

Jackall Lures


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