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Fishing Tackle

Fishing Tackle - Fishing reels and rods steal all the headlines among anglers, but it’s the little things that can make all the difference when hauling in a tough opponent. The Fishing Tackle Shop is home to a vast selection of fishing tackle to help you create your ideal setup. Browse the entire range available from our online fishing store below.

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Fishing Hooks

See our range of fishing hooks in brands like Mustad Hooks, Gamakatsu, Owner and more.

Fishing Swivels

Check out our extensive range of fishing swivels. We have all popular styles.

Fishing Rigs and Bait Jigs

If you need some pre-made fishing rigs or bait jigs then see our range here.

Fishing Floats

Need some fishing floats? – They’re all here.


See our range of value pack fishing sinkers we have on offer.

Split Rings

Split rings for your lures or tackle are here.

Wire Traces

Grab yourself some wire traces to help those toothy critters from biting you off – See our range.

Game Fishing Tackle

All the game fishing gear from terminal tackle to pliers and rig kits.

Bulk Lures & Tackle

If you are looking for value or taking the hassles out of choosing your own tackle - check these out.


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Affordable Fishing Hooks –When searching for an effective fish hook, choose from renowned brands like Gamakatsu, Mustad Hook, Owner, and more. From our fishing hooks for sale, you can buy in bulk to make impressive savings.

Versatile Fishing Rigs and Bait Jigs –From rock or beach fishing rigs to reef, bait fishing or deep sea fishing rigs, all of our rigs and jigs offer both quality and value. Whether you need a paternoster fishing rig or a dedicated option for the likes of bream or snapper, you can come to us.

Effective Fishing Floats for Sale – Affordable Fishing floats are available in either weighted or un-weighted models, as well as special variations.

Save on Fishing Swivels and Sinkers –Bulk buying is the secret to lowering your fishing tackle costs. Brass barrel, ball bearing, crane, snap swivels, and more are available in value packs. Fishing sinkers come in varied shapes and sizes.

Durable Split Rings and Wire Traces –Find the right size of split ring from dependable producers like Owner or Wilson. Wire traces are available in a vast range of sizes to help you avoid losing fish with sharp teeth.