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Crossline 3 Way Fishing Swivels (Pack of 10)

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$5.95 - $8.50
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Crossline 3 Way Fishing Swivels (Packet of 10 Swivels)

The three way swivel is a great innovation in terminal fishing tackle. Not only does it offer an extra connection point to add an additional lure or line, but it has become an essential requirement for a number of different rigs. Three-way swivels have also been known as Crossline swivel. Crossline swivels have become a vital piece of terminal geary for bottom fishing.

The three-way or Crossline swivel is shaped like the letter T i guess you could say and it features three line attachment points to attach additional lines or rigs. Each line attachment point independently rotates or swivels so that line twist are virtually eliminated.

So why exactly would you use a Crossline three way swivel?

There are multiple reasons to support the use of a Three way Crossline swivels and the most important reason is the reduction of tangles. These swivels are especially designed to free you from the tangles that come with common swivels. Also, the three rings provide you the opportunity to lay out lines with different strengths depending on the type of fish you are aiming to catch.

Crossline or Three way swivels are extremely popular for what anglers call bottom bashing, drifting and prospecting the bottom for fish using a paternoster style rig utilizing two or more baits on the one line.


Features and Specifications

  • Size Choose From either size 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 (prices vary depending on which size you select
  • Qty 10pcs
  • Three way connection point
  • Adds another line to your rig
  • Allows you to use different lengths of line
  • Can be used with braid or mono lines
  • Easy to attach so you can extend your rig in seconds and not waste valuable fishing time
Swivel Size Break Rating (Approx) Best Suited for use with
Size 2 47kg Heavier Line Class (20-80lb)
Size 4 38kg Medium Line Class (15-40lb)
Size 6 29kg Medium Line Class (10-30lb)
Size 8 24kg Light - Medium Line Class (6-20lb)
Size 10 18kg Light Line Class (4-15lb)


  • Helps reduce tangles, keeps your rigs nice an neat.
  • Effective for use in any type of surroundings, whether you fish the beach, bottom bounce from a boat or target fish from the rock platforms the crossline swivel is an effective piece of terminal tackle.
  • Easiest way to add another hook or line to your rig

Don’t get tied up in knots untangling your rig add a three way swivel improve your fishing experience.


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