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Jarvis Walker Pre Made Fishing Rigs For Sale

Tying rigs can take a heck of a long time. Depending on the type of rig and its complexity, if often feels like you’re there forever. Ganging up 3 hooks to fit on your paternoster rig for a Salmon or Tailor hunt is a classic example of this. Now add a little wind, disappearing sunlight and a torch with fading batteries, and a few knots becomes a tricky physical challenge, with sharp bits, for added danger. In the meantime, your fishing companion, having tied a snap swivel and clipped on a metal slice, is on his third Tailor. This is not a unique story and is played out time and again.

The one knot rig is heaven sent for most anglers. There are, however, few rigs that require one knot only. Jarvis Walker have solved the problem and created a range of ready to go, target specific and location specific rigs. All you need is to connect it to your main line. All of a sudden you have the most complex rigs, connected and ready to cast in seconds. This is perfect for the lazy angler, the angler with little in the way of knot and rig tying skills, and the angler who is never really sure of what rig to use where, for what. Jarvis Walker have taken out all the guess works and tricky Boy Scout stuff with a selection of perfectly tied and constructed, pre made fishing rigs. They are made with quality terminal tackle, designed by expert anglers and connected via Rovex quality mono. There are rigs Snapper, Whiting, Mullet, Salmon and Garfish, as well as surf specific rigs. Purchase a bunch of these and it will be one knot rigs for you, for the foreseeable future.

Features and Specifications

Pre Tied Fishing Rigs - Choose From

Snapper Rig 3/0 Hook Model 38392 – This is an ideal paternoster boat fishing rig for offshore for targeting pinky snapper or other reef fish but could also be used from the beach or shoreline as well to target a range of medium sized fish species such as big bream or flathead, salmon or tailor in the surf gutter. This rig is made up using 40lb line and consists of 2x 3/0 fishing hooks that are chemically sharpened and finished off with a 70 gram snapper sinker. Simply tie onto your main line, bait up, cast out and your away and fishing.

Snapper Rig 6/0 Hook Model 38393 – This Rig is pretty much similar to the above snapper rig but the four main differences are that it has larger hooks being 6/0 chemically sharpened beak/octopus style hooks connected to twisted droppers, made up on 50lb line and has a 4 ounce snapper sinker. Ideal for targeting larger reef and surf fish species.

Surf Fishing Rig Model 38395 – Here come the big flathead, sea bream, salmon, tailor, banjo sharks and shovel nose sharks. Simply use this pre tied fishing rig off the beach to target all of the above and more. Made up with 40lb line, an 84 gram star sinker and 2 chemically sharpened 4/0 beak hooks.

Mullet Rig – Ideal to target Mullet in the lake or river. This rig is made using light rovex fishing line and rigged with 2 size 8 long shank hooks, beads, and a small sprig lead (15 grams) tie your line to the swivel and bait up using a bit of bread or dough for best results. You could also use the same rig for targeting some other light weight species like whiting etc.

Pre Tied Salmon Rig Model 38397 – As the name suggests this fishing rig for sale is designed primarily designed for targeting Australian Salmon off the beach. Made up using a 112 gram star sinker to get you that extra bit of casting distance and 2x 5/0 size chemically sharpened beak hooks all tied up on 40lb Rovex monofilament fishing line.

Garfish Rig Model 38398 – Garfish not only make great bait they also make fantastic eating catch them with this Garfish rig made up with a pencil float and quality chemically sharpened fishing hooks Classic garfish rig with pencil float and chemically sharpened hooks.

Whiting Rig (size 4 - Model 38402) – Target Whiting on this rig made up using light line, and 2 size 4 long shank hooks (Chemically sharpened). Use this rig in lakes, rivers and from the beach.

Whiting Rig (Size 6 – Model 38399) - As above but with size 6 hooks instead (which is a smaller hook)

Bream / Flathead Rig (Model 38399) -  Made up as a running rig  with a size 2 hook and size 2 bean sinker. Ideal flathead rig for lake and river fishing.

Note: Price displayed is for 1 rig only – choose your option when ordering.


  • Complex rigs are ready to go with tying of one knot only.
  • Your line is wet, and you’re fishing much faster.
  • Convenient when the wind is up and the light is fading.
  • No mess, no fuss, no line cutting.
  • You know you are using a purpose specific, expertly designed and pre tied fishing rig.

These Jarvis Walker Pre Made Fishing Rigs save you time money and a heck of a lot of frustration. It should be stated here that there are a lot of anglers who get a kick out of tying rigs. For the countless numbers of us that could do without this time consuming joy, the Jarvis Walker Mono Rigs are and absolute godsend. Stock up your tackle box now with a selection.


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