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Welcome to the Fishing Tackle Shop, where we stock the finest selection of fishing tackle available on the market today. From fishing rods and fishing reels to lures and accessories, we have a vast range of products to enhance your angling experience at amazing prices. Start by checking out our deals via the categories listed below.

  • Fishing Reels
    Fishing Reels

    Fishing Reels

    The Fishing Tackle Shop is home to the best fishing reels in Australia. When browsing our selection, you’ll have hundreds of options to choose from. Finding a fishing reel is simple because we let you search by the type of reel or the manufacturer.
    In terms of type, we stock baitrunner fishing reels, baitcaster reels, game fishing reels, overhead fishing reels, spinning reels, Alvey and a lot more.
    The list of manufacturers that we stock is the ultimate A-Z of fishing reel excellence. We proudly stock Alvey, Daiwa, Fin-Nor, Okuma, Penn, Pflueger and Shimano among our vast selection and that's just to name a few. Shop by either style or by brand name below.

    Fishing Reels are here in all major brands such as Shimano Reels, Penn Reels, Daiwa, Okuma and more. Shop Now
  • Fishing Rods
    Fishing Rods

    Fishing Rods

    If you’re shopping for some amazing deals on fishing rods then you have come to the right place. Here at Fishing Tackle shop we stock a massive array of fishing rods for sale in a wide range of styles and major brands.
    Just below is where you can shop by style of rod. We have several hundred for sale specifically tailored to the anglers needs from those that fish the beach, rocks, boat, or river banks. We even stock a large range of specific rods say for travelling, for using soft plastic lures or just for using poppers to target GT.
    Alternatively, if you wish to cut to the chase and prefer to shop by brands instead just keep scrolling further down the page toward the bottom to see our range of major brands for sale. We stock and are Australian authorized dealers of Shimano, Penn, Ugly Stik, and a whole lot more. See our amazing online deals below.
    Shop Now.

    Fishing rods at the best prices and in the best brands – Check our massive range out. Shop Now
  • Rod & Reel Combo's
    Rod & Reel Combo's

    Rod & Reel Combo's

    Rod and Reel Combos - Fishing Tackle Shop is far and away one of the largest online fishing stores in the world. Our online fishing store is home to the finest fishing rods and reels from industry-leaders like Jarvis Walker, Okuma, Penn, Daiwa and Shimano – plus many, many others. With such a vast selection of incredible products at our disposal, we have created dream rod and reel combos to suit all types of anglers.

    Take the hassle out of trying to match up what rod goes with what reel - Check out our range of rod and reel combo’s. Shop Now
  • Fishing Lures
    Fishing Lures

    Fishing Lures

    Fishing Tackle Shop is the home of fishing lures. We have so many lures for either saltwater fishing or freshwater fishing and we can help you fill your tackle box for less!
    Below you can browse through our range of fishing lures by either style of lure or to make it easier for you we also have listed many popular fish species towards the bottom of this page where you can view our range of fishing lures suitable for that specific species.

    We have it all! Lures for bass, barra, trout, marlin, tuna and so much more. Shop Now
  • Fishing Tackle
    Fishing Tackle

    Fishing Tackle

    Fishing Tackle - Fishing reels and rods steal all the headlines among anglers, but it’s the little things that can make all the difference when hauling in a tough opponent. The Fishing Tackle Shop is home to a vast selection of fishing tackle to help you create your ideal setup. Browse the entire range available from our online fishing store below.

    This is where you need to head for all the basics such as hooks, sinkers, floats etc. Shop Now
  • Fishing Gear & Accessories
    Fishing Gear & Accessories

    Fishing Gear & Accessories

    Fishing Gear and Accessories - Think of literally any type of useful fishing equipment and the Fishing Tackle Shop will likely stock it. For buying fishing gear online, few can compete with our vast selection.
    From tackle boxes and fishing bags to bait pumps and essential fishing gear, you’ll never be short of options. Check out each category below for generous prices and undeniable quality.

    For all the fishing gear you can imagine! Tackle boxes, knives, waders and more. Shop Now
  • Fishing Lines & Trace
    Fishing Lines & Trace

    Fishing Lines & Trace

    Mono Line Braid and Trace Line - Find only innovative, affordable fishing line from the world’s leading producers in our dedicated fishing line, braid and trace line section. Experience the unrivalled choice of an online fishing store that draws only superb products from the best fishing brands. The Fishing Tackle Shop is your one-stop destination for all of your fishing equipment needs.

    Impressive range of fishing lines in mono, braid and fluorocarbon line for sale. Shop Now
  • Polarised Sunglasses
    Polarised Sunglasses

    Polarised Sunglasses

    Polarised sunglasses offer the definitive solution for reducing intensive glare and protecting your vision. Choose from a selection boasting hundreds of the best polarised sunglasses available online, from affordable deals all the way up to elite models. Our main brands include Shimano, Spotters sunglasses, Tonic Eyewear, and Uglyfish Eyewear

    See through the water better with our impressive range of polarised sunglasses. We have hundreds of models. Shop Now
  • Fishing Clothing & Apparel
    Fishing Clothing & Apparel

    Fishing Clothing & Apparel

    Fishing Clothing and Apparel - Along with our core selection of fishing, water sports, and outdoor products, the Fishing Tackle Shop is also an outstanding source of clothing, hats, and shoes. Whether you need a piece of clothing for yourself or as a gift for somebody else, this is the place to find it. Have a look below to browse the selection of brands including Shimano Fishing Apparel For Sale.

    Support your brand of choice or simply fish in comfort and style - Check out our fishing clothing. Shop Now
  • Fishing Books & DVDs
    Fishing Books & DVDs

    Fishing Books & DVDs

    Fishing books and DVD's- Whether you like the idea of a fishing book or fishing DVD for yourself, or as a gift for someone else, our online fishing store has many options to consider. From novice to expert, we have books and DVDs that will help anglers to improve.

    Tips, tricks and handy fishing info can be found here in our range of fishing books and dvds. Shop Now
  • Fishing Clearance
    Fishing Clearance

    Fishing Clearance


    FINAL CLEARANCE on overstocked and discontinued fishing gear. Mega sale prices. Shop Now
  • Specials & Clearance
    Specials & Clearance

    Specials & Clearance

    Cheap Fishing Tackle Online - Check out our range of fishing tackle online Specials and clearance category. We often have many products in our fishing tackle online specials category and can at times contain a range of fishing tackle, fishing rods, fishing reels, lures, sunglasses and other fishing gear.

    After some cheap fishing, watersport or camping and outdoor recreation gear?. Shop Now
  • Value Dollar Saver Packs
    Value Dollar Saver Packs

    Value Dollar Saver Packs

    Cheap fishing tackle - discount tackle - Australia We have a range of cheap and discount bulk tackle for purchase in our online fishing store. You an find value packs here in this category that can save you money and give you a great variety of assortment for your fishing tackle box.

    Stock up and Save in our online fishing tackle store with our range of bulk fishing gear. Shop Now

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