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Daiwa Spinning Reels


Spinning reels are favoured by countless anglers due to their effective performance and relatively simple casting ability. Daiwa spinning reels feature prominently among those because of the vast range of anglers they can help. And as you can see below, we are not short of options for you.

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Daiwa Aird fishing Reel

Buy a Daiwa Aird fishing Reel which includes all popular features at fantastic price!

Daiwa Ballistic Fishing Reels

Buy Daiwa Ballistic Fishing Reels for it’ll serve you in salt as well as fresh water!

Daiwa Catalina Fishing Reels

Buy Daiwa Catalina Fishing Reels, the heavy-duty fishing reel!

Daiwa Certate Reels

Buy Daiwa Certate Fishing Reels with Magseal for smooth fishing in a tough environment!

Daiwa Exist Fishing Reels

Buy Daiwa Exist Fishing Reels - the ultimate spinning real for tournament level!

Daiwa Freams Fishing Reels

Buy Daiwa Freams Fishing Reels – the innovative reel with Oil Shield and Air Rotor ensuring high performance and durability!

Daiwa Spin Reels (Other)

For anything Daiwa spin style not covered under any of our categories – you can find it here!

Daiwa Saltiga Spinning Reels

Buy Daiwa’s powerful Saltiga Spinning Reels that’s been developed for salt water utilizing NASA’s magnetic fluid technology to fight rust and corrosion!

Daiwa Emblem & Emcast Fishing Reels

Buy Daiwa Procargo, Emblem, Emcast Fishing Reels & More for long casting performance!


Buy Daiwa Exceler Fishing Reels a modern reel in terms of design with an affordable price tag!

Daiwa Luvias Fishing Reels

Buy Daiwa Luvias Fishing Reels, “Technology to Feel” – Light weight, durable and smooth as silk!

Daiwa Saltist Spin Reels

Buy Daiwa Saltist Spin Reels with its no-fuss operations that can really take the heat in salt water conditions for a long time!

Daiwa GS9 Fishing Reels

Buy Daiwa GS9 Fishing Reels which has being produced for more than 40 years! Do we need to say anything more about its reliability?

Daiwa Isla Reels

Buy Daiwa Isla Reels at best prices here. See the range for sale

Daiwa Caldia Fishing Reels

Buy Daiwa Caldia Fishing Reels if you’re looking for a sensitive and light weight reel tough enough to handle big catches every now and then!

Daiwa Sol Fishing Reel

Buy Daiwa Sol Fishing Reel the ultimate estuary, lake and light boat fishing reel!

Daiwa BG Reels

See our Amazing Prices on the new Daiwa BG Spin reels here in small and larger sizes.

Daiwa Generation Black Reels

If you own a Daiwa Gen Black Rod then here is a matching option. See our range of Generation Black reels for sale here.

Daiwa Morethan Fishing Reels

Buy premium Daiwa Branzino Fishing Reels for their design excellence and legendary performance!



Repel Damage –A prominent feature among these Daiwa spinning reels is the ability of the Magsealed technology in most models to keep out corrosive dirt, grit, and water. CRRB ball bearings last 12 times longer than standard bearings to provide greater resistance against the assault of damaging elements.

Performance Enhancing –Air Rotor, Air Bail, and ABS spool are three further features that elevate the performance of Daiwa spinning reels. Those components cut back on unnecessary weight while also contributing to maximise strength.

Multipurpose Range –From standing on estuaries or amid the surf to heavier offshore fishing, there is a Daiwa spin reel to suit virtually all applications.

Here to Help –Finding the best spinning reel is a matter of considering your budget, targeted species, fishing conditions, desired features, and angling style. Take advantage of live chat and we can recommend some Daiwa fishing reels that will be suitable for your needs.


Daiwa Spinning Reels