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Supex Caravan Starter Pack

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Product Description

Supex Caravan starter pack for sale

Now you’ve got the caravan you have always dreamed of, it’s time to get equipped. While your new van has come with everything, including the kitchen sink, there is likely a few very necessary accessories that are not included.

Now, having just lashed out some decent coin on your new trailable home away from home, you’re no doubt hoping that said necessary equipment is not going to cost the earth. It certainly can, but if you purchase a standard or deluxe Supex Caravan starter pack, for sale now, you’ll save a packet, while getting well equipped.

Hoses, small and large, 15 amp leads, ramps, levels, sullage hoses etc, etc. There’s quite the list of essentials your caravan dealer did not include. Lucky for you, the Supex Caravan starter pack covers these essentials at a price that won’t hurt a bit. It also come in its own very handy reusable bag. Brilliant.

While the Supex Caravan starter pack is perfect for the new caravaner, the season caravan nomad will also appreciate the value of a well-considered, essentials restock. If there is a few things you need, a few thing that might want to replace before your next adventure, consider buying Supex Caravan starter pack. Those items you don’t need to use immediately will be cost effective reserves.

If you know somebody about to get a caravan or camper trailer, the Supex Caravan starter pack makes the perfect gift. Caravanning is a pastime that has a never ending list of essential accessories, bits and bobs, and caravanning convenience. These kits are compiled by the experts. They know what you need. Grab a Supex Caravan starter pack for sale now. Check out the inclusions below.


Features and Specifications

standard-pack.jpg deluxe-pack.jpg
1 x 10mm coil drinking water hose with fittings 1 x 10mm coil drinking water hose with fittings
1 x 10m coil sullage hose 25mm 1 x 10m coil sullage hose 25mm
1 x 10m 15 amp caravan lead 1 x 10m 15 amp caravan lead
1 x Small hose bag 1 x Small hose bag
1 x Large hose bag 1 x Large hose bag
1 x Electrical lead bag 1 x Electrical lead bag
Reusable bag included 1 x T level
- 1 x Dual levelling ramp
- Reusable bag included


  • All the van essentials are included. It’s compiled by the experts to ensure the novice doesn’t leave home without a complete caravanning kit.
  • All equipment is designed to travel. Made from quality components, each essential item will stand up to the rigors of life on the road.
  • Convenient reusable bags encourage organisation and kit protection. An organised caravaner enjoys more time kicking back.
  • The T-level and the Dual levelling ramps are fantastic inclusions. If you have not got these from your caravan dealer, make sure you go for the deluxe pack. Keeping the van or trailer level is essential.
  • The hoses come fitted with connections. Don’t worry, they’ll be the right ones. These kits are put together by the caravanning professionals.

The Supex Caravan starter packs for sale now, get you on the great open road fully equipped, with nothing to think of but the next amazing destination. Purchase a deluxe or standard Supex Caravan starter pack now, and kit up for van adventure. Hey…It’s great for camper trailers too.

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