Venom V-Stick Lure

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Wilson Venom V-Stick Stickbait Fishing Lure

When the Wilson Venom development team set about to design the perfect saltwater stickbait fishing lure, they knew that there would be no room for compromise. In an ever-crowded field of top-quality saltwater lures, the Wilson Venom V-Stick had to be better and different from the rest, and it is.

The Venom V-Stick lure is not a traditional Stickbait by any class or designation, and it is a one-of-a-kind, innovative design resulting from an intense R&D process that took no shortcuts. The Wilson Venom V-Stick lure is made with the highest quality materials and shows in the finished product. However, one significant point that stands out about the Wilson Venom V-Stick is that it is neither a sinking nor a floating lure.

The Wilson Venom V-Stick uses a revolutionary concept that allows the nose of the lure to float while the rest of the lure body is submerged. That gives the Wilson Venom V-Stick several potential market advantages that no other stickbait lure can match. For starters, with a couple of sharp sweeps of the rod tip, the Wilson Venom V-Stick can be made to swim subsurface for the duration of the sweeping retrieve without ever coming to the surface. That results in a killer presentation for big saltwater predators that are savaging baitfish below the surface.

The Wilson Venom V-Stick can also be retrieved traditionally on the surface, with a fast-paced, erratically swimming retrieve that is sure to call fish in from long distances. The Wilson Venom V-Stick is perfectly balanced, so it swims with an incredibly life-like action, no matter how it is retrieved.

The Wilson Venom V-Stick Stickbait Fishing Lure is the best choice for serious saltwater anglers searching for a high-quality, unique stickbait. This lure has a one-of-a-kind design that's constructed from top-quality materials and designed to elicit a wide range of fish-catching actions.

Features and Specifications

  • Type: Saltwater Stickbait Fishing Lure
  • It can be fished surface or sub-surface
  • High-quality lure hardware (4x or 5x trebles)
  • Super durable wire through ABS plastic construction

Please note: The price is for one V-Stick fishing lure only. Please select the model when making your order. Price will vary depending upon which size you choose.

What sizes does the Wilson Venom V-Stick Lure come in?

Choose from 16cm/56 grams or 22cm/125 grams when making your online purchase.

What size suits my needs?

The smaller 16cm/56 gram size is perfect for casting and retrieving around schools of baitfish, over reefs, or in other areas where a smaller profile baitfish is called for. Australian Salmon, Tailor, Bonito, smaller tuna, kingfish, mahi, mahi and similar-sized predators will find this size of Wilson Venom V-Stick irresistible.

The larger 22cm/125 gram size is perfect for casting long distances or working over reefs and other structures where a larger profile baitfish is the norm. Yellowtail Kingfish, Amberjack, GT's, tuna, mackerel, barracuda and similar-sized predators will find this size of Wilson Venom V-Stick to be the perfect meal.

How is the Wilson Venom V-Stick Lure constructed?

The Wilson Venom V-Stick Stickbait Fishing Lure is built to withstand the most challenging saltwater fish, with a wire-through ABS plastic construction and strong 4x strength treble hooks on the 16cm model and 5x strength on the 22cm model. That ensures you can land big fish confidently, and the lure will stand up to long battles.

Buying the Wilson Venom V-Stick Lure

The Wilson Venom V-Stick is available for purchase online from the fishing tackle shop. Select the size and model you need from the drop-down menu when purchasing. No matter how you fish it, the Wilson Venom V-Stick Stickbait Fishing Lure is sure to produce results. So tie one on and get ready for some serious saltwater action.


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