Berkley Pro Tech Billy Cruise Lure

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Berkley Pro Tech Billy Cruise Lure

Billy, a nickname for William, represents steadfast protection. However, in the realm of angling, "Billy" takes on a mischievous persona. A trickster, a deceiver, lures you into thinking he poses no threat, but he's notorious for stirring up quite the commotion on the water. No, I'm not referring to a person; Billy is a lure rapidly gaining popularity among Australian anglers who set their sights on reeling in impressive-sized inshore fish.

Cast out the Billy Cruise lure and reel it in slowly as it effortlessly glides through the water. At first glance, it may seem like a simple and uneventful retrieve. However, this is where things take an intriguing turn. The deliberate and methodical retrieve creates a mesmerising S-shaped motion, concealing the true secret of Billy: his irresistible allure and ultimate trickery. Be prepared for the exhilaration that comes with the sudden strike of a swift and tenacious fish, unable to resist the captivating charms of Mr Billy Cruise, who fools the fish into thinking he is nothing short of the real deal.

Murray cod, barramundi, queenfish, mulloway and metery flathead are some species that have fallen for Billy's tactics. However, this is only the beginning. Bad Billy Cruise has also been causing a stir in the international fishing scene, winning over a list of fish species too numerous to list. It's safe to say that Billy is not just any ordinary glide bait lure; he's a master of deception and an expert at tempting even the most cunning and elusive fish into striking.

But what makes Billy so irresistible? It all comes down to his design. The team at Berkley have studied and analysed the behaviour of various fish species over the years and has used this knowledge to create a glide bait lure that mimics the movements of natural prey. With its lifelike swimming action, realistic eyes, and intricate details, Billy can fool even the most wary fish into thinking he's one of their own.

Features and Specifications:

  • Length: 18cm
  • Weight: Approximately 72 Grams
  • Hardware: Owner STX58TN treble hooks / Hyperwire split rings
  • Swimming Depth Range: 60-300cm (add a chin weight for deeper depths)
  • Slow sinking
  • Action kicks in with just a tiny turn of your reel
  • Three-segment jointed glide bait fishing lure
  • Realistic eyes
  • Highly detailed design and finish

Note: The price is only for a single Berkley Pro Tech Billy Cruise Lure. Multiple images are shown to demonstrate the options available for sale.

Is it possible to catch Big Murray Cod using a Berkley Pro Tech Billy Cruise Lure?

Absolutely! The Billy Cruise lure has been designed and tested for targeting big, inshore fish. With its jaw-dropping S-shape retrieve action and the overall realistic design of the Billy Cruise, it's no surprise that Murray Cod of any size, is just one of the many species that can't resist Billy's charm.

What other fish species can I catch with a Billy Cruise lure?

Some popular catches include barramundi, queenfish, mulloway, and giant-sized flathead. But the fun doesn't stop there! The international fishing scene has also been buzzing with successful catches using the Billy Cruise lure on various fish species. From freshwater to saltwater, the possibilities are immense with Billy.

What Colours does the Berkley Pro Tech Billy Cruise Lure come in?

We sell Whiting, HD Bone, Chart AYU, HD Tailor, HD Yakka and Redfin colours at the fishing tackle shop. All colours will work in freshwater or saltwater. However, our best-selling freshwater colours are Redfin, HD Bone and Chart AYU.

How do I properly use a Berkley Pro Tech Billy Cruise Lure?

To get the most out of your Billy Cruise lure, it's essential to understand its unique swimming action. The Billy Cruise fishing lure will work best on a baitcaster setup. After casting, position your rod tip downwards and slowly retrieve Billy consistently and smoothly, allowing it to glide through the water in its signature S-shape. If you like adding extra action, try small twitches or pauses during retrieval to mimic an injured prey.

Why should I choose a Billy Cruise lure over other glide bait lures?

Billy Cruise is no ordinary glide bait lure; it results from extensive research and development backed by the trusted Berkley fishing brand. With its lifelike S-shaped swimming action and realistic design, Billy has proven to be irresistible to a wide range of fish species. What sets it apart even further is its affordability compared to other glide bait lures on the market.

Buying A Berkley Pro Tech Billy Cruise Lure

Billy has some tricks up his sleeves, but they are all in the name of good angling. Designed to fool even the most discerning fish, Billy lure will have you hooked on his captivating action and impressive strike rate. With its durable construction and high-quality hardware, Billy will have you reeling in big catches in both freshwater and saltwater. Buy the Berkley Pro Tech Billy Cruise Lure from our fishing tackle shop, where we offer affordable prices on our Fishing Gear for sale and ensure fast dispatch.


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