Samaki Hardlicious Lure

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Samaki Hardlicious Lure

When soft vibe lures hit the Australian market for the first time in the early 2000s, they took the fishing scene by storm. The concept of a plastic vibing lure with a soft, rubbery body was simple yet highly effective and had Aussie anglers responding enthusiastically. The vibe market has since become increasingly crowded, but the Samaki Hardlicious is a lure that now changes the game with its innovative hard design that has the whole industry taking notice.

In over three years of development, Samaki’s lure designers have studied the action and performance of existing vibe lures, including their already proven Vibelicious model, to understand further how performance in vibes can be improved and what fish respond to. With this knowledge in hand, they set out to design a new hard-bodied vibe that would offer even more appeal to fish while maintaining all the key attributes that make vibes so effective. The result is the new Samaki Hardlicious, a next-generation hard vibe set to revolutionise how we fish vibe lures.

The Hardlicious features a soft tail that generates more vibration and action through the water, making it more irresistible to fish. The Hardbody features an air pocket that slows the lure down on the descent, giving shut-down fish more of a chance to hit it on the drop. The Samaki team is confident that the Hardlicious will be a big success with Australian anglers, and we agree.

Features and Specifications

  • Hard vibe lure with soft tail
  • Quality Japanese hardware
  • Freshwater or saltwater lure

Models Available (Choose when ordering)

  • Fork Tail 75mm (8g)
  • Fork Tail 95mm (14g)
  • Fork Tail 110mm (20g)
  • Fish Tail 70mm (8g)
  • Fish Tail 85mm (13g)
  • Fish Tail 100mm (20g)

NOTE: All lures are supplied as "Fork Tail". However, a bonus rubber fish tail is included in each packet for retrofitting. Multiple images are for illustration only. Price is for a single lure and varies upon the size you choose to purchase.

What is the difference between the Hardlicious Fork Tail and Fish Tail?

The main difference is in the action of the tail. The Fish Tail has a more pronounced vibration, while the Fork Tail has a softer, subtler action.

How effective is the Hardlicious in saltwater?

The Hardlicious has been designed for fresh and saltwater fishing and performs exceptionally well in both environments.

What size should I choose?

The size of the Hardlicious you choose will depend on the type of fish you’re targeting and the conditions you’re fishing in. A smaller lure like the 75mm fork or 70mm fish will make an exceptional choice for targeting bream, flathead and other similar-sized fish in sheltered waterways or estuaries. If you’re fishing in open water or targeting bigger fish like jewfish, barramundi or mangrove jack, then opting for a larger lure like the 110mm fork or 100mm fish will give you the best results. The 90mm fork and 85mm fish are good all-around options that will perform well in most situations.

How many colours does the Hardlicious come in?

The Hardlicious is available in several well-executed fish-catching colours, such as:

Bad Biddy, Bony Bream, Cleopatra, Gold Assasin, Hardy Head, Pearl Prawn, Pearl Bait, Pink Bait, Tropical Mullet, Turbo Mullet, Whitebait and Yakka.

Try a Samaki Hardlicious Lure

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