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Atomic Real Baitz Lures For Sale

You could be fooled into thinking that the Atomic Real baitz series is the real thing, but these lures are designed to fool the fish, not you. From their excellent swimming action to the stunning realistic colour finish that gives them a lifelike appearance, Atomic Real Baitz lures are deadly!

The Real Baitz Concepts starts with a carbon copy of the real thing; a real fish and Atomic make it better. Atomic uses a high-definition production process to add a lot of realism and detail to the lures. The power tail creates a unique swimming action that fish can't resist. Atomic exclusive holographic eyes, which feature in every model in the Real Baitz series, give the lures a final finish that is so mesmerising it's almost unreal!

If you are looking for an incredibly realistic lure that is sure to fool even the savviest fish, look no further than Atomic Real Baitz lures. Order one today and see the excellent results for yourself.

Features and Specifications

  • Material: Durable soft plastic
  • Power tail
  • Atomic Holographic Eyes
  • Realistic design (copied based on real fish)
  • Ideal for inshore or offshore fishing styles
  • Rigged with a single hook on top and a treble hook at the front underbelly

Please note price is for one single Real Baitz Lure only, and the price will vary depending on which model you choose to order. The multiple images on this listing are for illustration only.

Atomic Real Baitz Lures Buying Guide

Here at the fishing tackle shop, we sell Herring, Whiting, Mullet, Bony Bream, Red bait and Pilchard models. All of these lures are deadly on a range of species, but each has a unique appeal that makes it better suited to certain types of fishing.

Atomic Real Baitz Herring or Bony bream are excellent options for targeting flathead, cod, barra, mulloway, snapper and a host of other reef-dwelling or inshore fish. The bony bream and herring profile is such that it is a versatile option that can be used against a range of fish species in several different fishing situations, not just those we have listed. Both models are 100mm in length.

Atomic Real Baitz Pilchard or Redbait is the perfect option for casting from the beach, rocks or boat. They are ideal for targeting tailor, salmon, kingfish, cobia, mulloway, tuna and several other pelagic fish species. There are two size options for sale 100mm or 150mm

Atomic Real Baitz Whiting Lures are by no means a lure to catch whiting as they are a replica of the common sand whiting or King George whiting. At 200mm in length, they are an excellent option for those fishing in deeper water or around structures where a larger lure is required to attract the attention of bigger fish such as snapper or jewfish.

Atomic Real Baitz Mullet Lures Come in a range of sizes from 130mm to a whopping 250mm. As you can imagine, these lures are designed for big fish such as mulloway, cobia, kingfish, tuna, barra, and anything else that will monster a whole bully mullet.

Are Atomic Real Baits a saltwater fishing lure?

Yes, the Atomic Real Baits range is a saltwater fishing lure. However, most will excel at catching larger freshwater fish, like murray cod or impoundment barramundi.

How do I rig my Atomic Real Baitz?

The lures come rigged with a single hook on top and a treble hook at the front underbelly. Just tie on your leader and start fishing.

What Makes Atomic Real Baitz Lures So Deadly?

It's all in the design. Atomic Real Baitz lures are designed to mimic real bait fish and do a fantastic job of it. The lure's natural finishes and swimming actions are sure to fool even the savviest of fish, making them a must-have for any serious angler. However, it's not just the looks that make these lures so deadly. The quality of the materials and construction is second to none, meaning that they will stand up to the rigours of fishing and keep on performing time after time. Whether you are targeting big fish offshore or inshore, Atomic Real Baitz lures are sure to deliver results.

Why Buy Atomic Real Baitz Lures?

There are many reasons to choose Atomic Real Baitz lures, but here are just a few:

They catch fish! – This is the most important reason to choose any lure, and Atomic Real Baitz lures do not disappoint. The lifelike designs and persuasive action make them irresistible to fish, meaning you are more likely to hook up when you use one.

So, there you have it – a guide to the different types of Atomic Real Baitz lures on sale at our store. No matter what kind of big fish you are targeting, we have the perfect real baitz lure for you. Order one today and put it to the test!


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