Berkley Pro Tech Tommy Glide Lure

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Berkley Pro Tech Tommy Glide Lure For Sale

They say two is better than one, and a glide with natural presentation is the key to success when targeting smart fish like mulloway or barra. The Berkley Pro Tech Tommy Glide Lure provides just that, with a unique design that mimics the natural movement of baitfish.

Berkley Pro Tech Tommy Glide lures boast a distinctive feature: a two-piece jointed body. Here's the fascinating part: "Tommy" signifies twin when you look up the meaning of the name online, aligning perfectly with the lure's design. The body is divided into two sections, one with the tail and the other with the head. Though not identical, the concept of twinning is brilliantly executed in its assembly and naming as the Tommy Glide.

Enough about the name; let's dive into the fantastic performance of these lures! The split body design gives them an incredibly realistic swimming action like the natural baitfish that inhabit our Aussie waters. It's like an irresistible treat for barra lurking in the mangrove shadows, mulloway hiding in holes, and it can even lure a big Flathead out of its hidey-hole. Tommy Glide lures are the real deal!

The Berkley Pro Tech Tommy Glide Lures showcases a remarkable S-shaped action. You can conveniently manipulate this characteristic by adjusting the retrieval speed. This distinct swim action, reminiscent of a serpentine movement, stimulates an almost lifelike portrayal of baitfish in the water. By modulating the retrieve speed, anglers can control the lure's swim pattern, either making it glide smoothly through the water for a more relaxed prey or impart a slightly more compelling, frenzied motion to emulate a distressed baitfish.

Berkley recommends using the Tommy Glide with a slow to medium retrieve for maximum effectiveness. Its adaptable swim action, adjusted as needed, makes it a versatile lure for various fishing scenarios in saltwater or freshwater.

Features and Specifications

  • Type: Glide bait fishing lure
  • Construction: 2 pieces jointed
  • Hooks: Owner STX-58TN Trebles (2)
  • Split Rings: Owner Hyperwire
  • Action: Glide / S-style swimming retrieval action
  • Depth: Suitable for mid-water or sub-surface fishing from 40cm through to 3 metres
  • Slow sinking: You can add chin weights to fish deeper.
  • Size: 180mm
  • Weight: Approximately 72 grams

Just a heads up, the price mentioned is for a single Tommy Glide lure. The multiple images you see are just for illustration purposes.

Which fish species is the Berkley Pro Tech Tommy Glide Lure designed to target?

The Berkley Pro Tech Tommy Glide Lure has a unique design that targets an array of impressive fish species, with the Murray Cod leading the pack. This species gains recognition for its size and strength. The Tommy Glide presents a realistic swimming action that emulates the baitfish to which Murray Cod naturally gravitate, enhancing its effectiveness as a lure for these magnificent river inhabitants.

Next, we have the Barramundi on the list. Known for their acrobatic leaps and aggressive strikes, Barramundi are attracted to the lifelike motion and the enticing S-shaped swim action of the Tommy Glide lure.

Then we have mulloway, elusive and notorious for being selective regarding bait. The unique, natural presentation of the Tommy Glide lure in the water ticks all the boxes for this species. The lure's ability to glide smoothly through the water perfectly emulates the movement of the baitfish that mulloway can't resist.

Lastly, the lure is an excellent choice for targeting big Flathead. The adaptable swim action of the Tommy Glide lure makes it an irresistible temptation for these ambush predators.

Can I use the Berkley Pro Tech Tommy Glide Lures in saltwater and freshwater environments?

Absolutely! The Berkley Pro Tech Tommy Glide Lures are the real deal. They're like the Swiss Army knives of fishing - versatile and ready for action in saltwater and freshwater.

What Colours are Berkley Pro Tech Tommy Glide Lures available in?

Berkley produces the Tommy Glide lure in various fish-catching colours, including Ayu Pearl Pink, Chartreuse, Toxic Watermelon, HD Bone, Maverick, and Whiting. Each lure is expertly painted with lifelike details to enhance its natural appearance further and increase its effectiveness in attracting fish.

Are Tommy Glide Lures specifically engineered to attract and land sizable fish?

The Berkley Pro Tech Tommy Glide Lure has a strong build and enduring reliability. These lures, constructed with a two-piece jointed body, are designed to withstand aggressive strikes from Murray Cod, Barramundi, Mulloway, and big Flathead.

Every small detail speaks of quality. Tommy Glide lures come fitted with Owner STX-58TN Trebles and Owner Hyperwire split rings - parts renowned for their robustness and dependability among anglers. Be it casting in freshwater rivers or navigating harsh saltwater conditions, you can count on the Tommy Glide to withstand and perform.

Buying Berkley Pro Tech Tommy Glide Lures Online

The Berkley Pro Tech Tommy Glide Lure is available online at our fishing tackle shop. With an easy selection of colour and quantity, press the "add to cart" button, check out, and your order will be swiftly on its way. We offer worldwide delivery to cater to all anglers around the globe! We also have an impressive range of other Fishing Lures for sale worth checking out while you are here.


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