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Kokoda Sprog Lures

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Product Description

Kokoda Sprog Lures

Unless you hit the reject box or the specials box it can be hard work to find suitable, quality hard bodies that won’t cost a bomb. Hard bodies that are designed to be cast at Bass, Bream, Trout and the like, equally as adept in the salt as the fresh can be quite pricey. This may well be prohibitive when you wish to stock up on a range of colours or profiles. Kokoda Sprog Lures are a classic hard body, brilliant in the fresh and the salt, and they won’t cost you the earth.

When you are tossing lures for Bream and Bass in particular, you are generally always casting into a perilous location, loaded with snags that will take your lure. The fish are in the structure, it’s where they wait, and if you’re not fishing the structure, your fishing a wasteland and the chances of a catch are significantly reduced.

Anglers on a budget can fish just as aggressively as the pros if they are not paranoid that each cast might cost in excess of 20 bucks. Affordable, quality fishing lures such as the Kokoda Sprog Lures encourage aggressive casting, as knowing the inevitable foul hook and lure loss, is not going to hurt the pocket as much. What’s more, these guys are masters at catching fish.

Suitable for finesse angling, the Kokoda Sprog Lures have a tight shimmery action Bream Bass and Trout will love. The bib will see them travel at about 4 feet in the water column, and the dual treble hooks will penetrate and hold to secure a hook-up. Grab one or a selection of the  great colours, and go hunt the inshore water ways for Record Bream and Bass.

Features and Specifications

  • Depth:  4ft
  • Size:  4.5cm
  • Action: Tight, Shimmering
  • Suitable for fresh and saltwater fishing in lakes, rivers etc
  • Ideal for targeting bream, bass, perch, trout, flathead and a range of other light target species

Note: Images are for illustration only. Display price is for just 1 Kokoda Sprog Lure.


  • Brilliant profile for fishing up river, into the brackish and the fresh.
  • Versatile lure. Ideal for hunting inshore species in the salt and fresh water.
  • Dual treble hook configuration converts more strikes to hook-ups.
  • A good finesse lure. Lightweight construction makes it ideal for ultra-light line class.
  • At 45mm, Bass anglers can expect aggressive attacks, lifting the percentage of hook-ups.

Proven hard body lures have been the lure anglers staple well before the rise and rise of soft plastics. Keeping a selection of Kokoda Sprog Lures in your fishing tackle box ensures you have a tried and tested profile, begging to be cast, and sure to increase your catch and fishing excitement.

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