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Elemental Carabineer (2 Pack) 8mm

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Product Description

Elemental Carabineer GMA1046 Twin Pack

A rock and mountain climber’s Carabineer keeps them dangling at unimaginable heights, safe from a plummet that would likely see them a little more worse off than badly bruised. They’re a critical piece of climbing kit, expensive and frequently replaced to ensure safety. When a climber relegates a Carabineer that has passed it’s used by date, they often ended up being recycled, and used to hang whatever from wherever.

This practice didn’t go un-noticed. The used carabineers were so functional as a hanging utility, manufacturers started to produce affordable, non-climbing carbineers such as this one that we sell, purely for hanging anything from anywhere. Because they are not rated for climbing, materials are cheaper and we now have access to a cheap utility that, well, will hang lots of things in lots of places, providing versatile hanging or connecting device for a host of storage and carrying applications.

They can be used for anything from keeping a gate closed, hanging a pot plant, or connecting your dog to its lead, to hanging your camping shower, clipping utilities you your belt such as torches and pocket knives. The list uses is seemingly endless, and there’s always the classic application, a highly functional key ring and key storage.

You should really grab a few packets of these Elemental Carabineer GMA1046 Twin Packs. Keep them in the camping kit, the fishing kit, the garage the car and the kitchen, just for starters. Even if you haven’t yet thought of a use for them now, we’re willing to bet, that if you have them ready at hand, you’ll find a use for all of them in no time flat.

The Elemental Carabineer GMA1046 Twin Packs are for sale now and are a must have for creative storage, transport or any type of application were connecting useful things to yourself, or other places, for convenience, efficiency or ease of access, is required or beneficial in some way.

The uses for a Carabineer are limited only by your imagination and the bounds of necessity. Grab a bunch of them, they’re the coolest thing ever.

Features and specifications

  • 8mm
  • Sold as 1 pack of 2
  • Quality Alloy material construction
  • Great for keeping small items like keys, rings, utensils and small tools together
  • Not suitable for climbing


  • Just by looking at them your imagination will lead you straight to a perfect Carabineer solution in your home, work place or playground.
  • Carabineers are strong and easy to operate.
  • They are ideal for campers. Campers are the most likely people to need to hang something somewhere to create an efficient, functional outdoor living space.

The Elemental Carabineer GMA1046 Twin Pack is an affordable approach to hanging and connecting stuff. Grab a couple of packs to have at the ready. Once you have found one use, you are likely to find countless uses. Stock up now.

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