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Daiwa Tanacom Bull Dendoh Interline Fishing Rod for electric reels - Model 66XHF

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Product Description

Daiwa Tanacom Bull Dendoh Interline Fishing Rod for electric reels - Model 66XHF

Interline technology is the driving factor behind this range of dendoh fishing rods from Daiwa. They have been designed for use during deep-water fishing, which is why they are so light and powerful. Line flow also benefits from the absence of guides, thereby improving power distribution.

The Tanacom Bull Interline range has been designed with a smooth bending curve. As a result, Interline dendoh rods have no stress points when they bend. This makes them superior to guided rods, as they bend unevenly. Because there are no guides on Tanacom Bull Interline rods, there are no guide breakages or possible tangles. The special Interline design offers remarkably smooth bend under larger drag pressures due to the line being distributed evenly.

By eliminating the need for guides, Daiwa has avoided adding unnecessary weight that would compromise the performance of the blank. This has been achieved by positioning the line inside of the blank, and thus minimizes friction to increase the longevity of Tanacom Bull Interline rods.

Prepare to be amazed by the sensitivity of these dendoh fishing rods. Daiwa has crafted them to feature up to 200 points of linear contact on the ultra sensitive carbon. Interline rods are superior to standard rods because their carbon-build doesn’t absorb those critical vibrations that tell you what’s going on beneath the surface.

The tip of the rod is axially symmetrical to 360 degrees, thereby ensuring outstanding performance at any angle. You won’t need to worry about the tip being used at the same direction as the line on these rods. Daiwa further improves the performance with silicone entrance guides that reduce drag and improve line funnelling for greater casting accuracy.

Features and Specifications

♦   Model: TB66XFH

♦   Sections: 2 piece

♦   Length: 198cm

♦   Action: Heavy

♦   Taper: Regular

♦   Line Rating: PE 60 - 100lb

♦   360-degree tip outlet guide

♦   Composite graphite interline blank

♦   Cut-proof silicone carbide insert ring

♦   Detachable aluminium curved butt

♦   Rugged shrink-wrapped EVA foregrip

♦   Silicone carbide entrance guide

♦   Stainless steel line feeder

Matching a Reel to your fishing rod

The Daiwa Interline Tanacom Bull fishing rod was primarily designed to be used with Electric fishing reels for deep water fishing with heavy lines this rod suits most electric reels it is more desirable to match the fishing rod with the line class being used.



♦   Interline technology ensures that your line is distributed evenly over the whole rod. Daiwa houses the line inside of the blank to eliminated damaging torque and friction. The result is a longer lasting blank.

♦   Interline avoids the 30cm slack of the average guided rod due to even line distribution. Don’t miss out on feeling the subtle bites that the average dendoh rod can’t detect.

♦   Rods from the Interline range have been carefully developed to bend evenly. This maximizes blank strength and ensures the rods have no stress points.

♦   Because there are no guides, Daiwa has eliminated tangles and breakages as well as avoided adding extra weight that would have diminished performance.

♦   You don’t need to worry about using the tip in the same direction as the line. Daiwa has added a 360-degree axially symmetrical tip to guarantee 100% performance in any direction.

Tanacom Bull Dendoh Interline rods match up best with Marine Power 3000, Seaborg Megatwin 1000MT, Tanacom Bull and Tanacom 1000 electric reels. Interline technology will guarantee you powerful performance that is also light, sensitive and accurate. Get yours today from the Fishing Tackle Shop.



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