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Daiwa Commander AGS Spin Rods

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Product Description

Daiwa Commander Spin Rods – AGS Series Fishing Rods For Sale

Daiwa Commander Spin Rods are nothing short of exceptional. Replete with their most famous of technologies, you’ll love the list of inclusions. The blanks are, of course, HVF graphite, providing amazing lightweight strength and power. The Surround reel seats lock your fishing reel to the handle as if it were welded there. Bias Wrap construction, V-Joint and the cork or Air Foam grips (depending on model), promote unique and unrivalled performance in any setting regardless of your target.

The Neoprene carry bag is a generous gift from Daiwa and is an indicator of the respect afforded to the classy Daiwa Commander rod series. It’s great for transporting the rod securely and perfect for stowing away, protected from the elements.

The Avenger is suited to jig head-rigged soft plastics, blades and sinking stick baits. Try the Hell cat for Snapper, Barra, and a host of tropical species such as Trevally and Queen Fish. The Bayonet Division is ideal for Bream, Trout and small stream Bass. The Desert Bull is the perfect rod for lightweight lures and the top waters. The Armouraider is designed for casting longer distances. Great for Bream, Trout, Australian Bass, and estuary species. The Electric Strawberry is a must have for finesse cranking. Whatever your poison, there is a classy Daiwa Commander Spin Rod for you. And it won’t cost as much as you think.

Features and Specifications

  • HVF graphite blanks
  • AGS – Air Guide System
  • Bias Wrap Construction
  • V Joint system
  • Megatop By Daiwa means extra sensitivity
  • Surround reels
  • Camo Air Foam grips
  • Neoprene rod bag
  • Suits Spinning Reels

Note: Price is for 1 rod only – choose when ordering from our menu - Images for reference only – there may be some differences from images depending on model you purchase.


  • Length: 6ft 6 inches
  • Piece Sections: 1 ½
  • Taper: Extra Fast
  • Action: Ultra Light
  • Approx casting weight: 0.5 grams – 4 grams
  • Line rating: 1-2kg
  • Fishing reel size suggestion: 1000, 10, 2004


  • Length: 6ft 8 inches
  • Piece Sections: 1 ½
  • Taper: Regular
  • Action: Ultra Light
  • Approx casting weight: 1 gram – 7 grams
  • Line rating: 1 to 2.5kg
  • Fishing reel size suggestion: 10, 1000, 2004.


  • Length: 6ft 10 inches
  • Piece Sections: 1
  • Taper: Fast
  • Action: Ultra Light
  • Approx casting weight: 0.5-4 grams
  • Line rating: 1-2kg
  • Fishing reel size suggestion: 10, 1000, 2004.


  • Length: 6ft 10 inches
  • Piece Sections: 1
  • Taper: Fast
  • Action: Light
  • Approx casting weight: 2 grams to 7 grams
  • Line rating: 2kg – 4kg
  • Fishing reel size suggestion: 2000, 20 25, 2500


  • Length: 7ft 2 inches
  • Piece Sections: 1 ½
  • Taper: Extra Fast
  • Action: Medium Light
  • Approx casting weight: 4 grams – 12 grams
  • Line rating: 3-6kg
  • Fishing reel size suggestion: 2500, 25, 3000, 30


  • Length: 7ft 2 inches
  • Piece Sections: 1 ½
  • Taper: Extra Fast
  • Action: Medium Heavy
  • Approx casting weight:  7 grams to 21 grams
  • Line rating: 4kg to 8kg
  • Fishing reel size suggestion: 3000, 30, 4000, 40


  • Daiwa quality is a guarantee of an exceptional fishing experience every time.
  • The handy Neoprene rod bag allows you to keep you rod protect while stored and makes for easy transit.
  • The AGS Air Guide System promotes unrivalled line control and management.
  • Daiwa Surround reel seats will make the reel feel as though it is an integral part of the fishing rod.
  • HVF graphite blanks are market leading technology. You simply won’t believe the power to weight ratio, until you feel it.
  • V-Joint is superb. It is as if there were no joint in the rod at all.

Daiwa Commander Rods are outstanding angling technology. We fight so hard to get our fishing time, we may as well fish with top shelf quality every time. The Daiwa Commander fishing rod series is indeed top shelf. It provides an incomparable fishing experience, whether you hunt the rivers for Bass or cast Poppers at queen fish. Buy one now and complete your arsenal of fine fishing rods.

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