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Shimano Jewel Rods For Sale

They're back and better than ever. The 2017 release range of Shimano Jewel rods saw some substantial upgrades from Shimano Australia's former model, which was back around 2010-2012. The old model Jewel was tailored explicitly to mostly light coastal style fishing; the 2017 range encompassed a much broader scope to suit a heavier class of fishing both inshore and offshore.

Though, if you want the latest model, now is your chance. The 2021 release is now in stock, replacing the 2017 model with practically identical specifications but an updated cosmetic overhaul that gives the Jewel a fresh new look in black and white finishes.

The new model continues its tradition of being an amazingly priced range of fishing rods sporting a T45 graphite blank and comes complete with Fuji K series guides to suit all the latest and greatest braided fishing lines.

T45 is 36-ton graphite; however, it differs slightly from your usual modern graphite fishing rod constructions. T45 is where graphite tape is taken, rolled at a 45-degree angle, and finished off with reinforcing graphite sheets that are opposing angled. Without getting too technical, this means that your new Jewel fishing rod will be lightweight but built extremely strong.

We have a range of models for sale here at the fishing tackle shop, most tailored to medium to heavier class saltwater fishing styles, both inshore and offshore, built exclusively for Australian fishing conditions.Though, we stock a few in the lighter class too for inshore fishing. We have rods available for tackling snapper or barra, rods for offshore jigging, rods for topwater, and an overhead swimbait rod that will take a large baitcaster reel such as the tranx for targeting murray cod on big lures. You can find out more about each of the Shimano Jewel rods we have for sale below.

Features and Specifications

  • Shimano Jewel Fishing Rods – 2021 release (and current model)
  • Increased T45 construction rod blank / 36 ton high modulus graphite
  • Custom EVA built grips
  • Fuji K series rod guides

Note: Price is for 1 Shimano Jewel Rod only. Multiple images for illustration. Variations from images may occur between models such as the rod grips may vary between models.

Model Line Class Length Piece Construction Grip Type Cast weight Ideal for Suits Reel
6102SP Spin 2-5Kg 6ft 10 inch 2 Split Grip 1-10 grams Lake, River, Other inshore 2500-3000 Spin
702SPM Spin Medium 3-6Kg 7ft 2 Split Grip 7-25 grams Lake, River, Other inshore 2500-4000 Spin
702SPUL Spin Ultra Light 1-4Kg 7ft 2 Split Grip 1-7 grams Lake, River, Other inshore 1000-2500 Spin
721SPL Spin Light 2-4Kg 7ft 2 inch 1 Split Grip 1-7 grams Lake, River, Other inshore 1000-2500 Spin
722SPMH Spin Med-Hvy 4-8Kg 7ft 2 inch 2 Split Grip 7-32 grams Lake, River, Other inshore 3000-5000 Spin
742SPSW Spin Saltwater 5-10Kg 7ft 4 inch 2 Split Grip 10-40 grams Lake, River, Other inshore, light offshore 4000-5000 Spin
792LC Spin Long Cast 4-8Kg 7ft 9 inch 2 Split Grip 10-35 grams Lake, River, Other inshore 2500-4000 Spin
822TW5 Spin Top Water PE5 8ft 2 inch 2pc (grip join) 176cm longest piece Full Grip Max 120 grams GT Popper Boat and shore Popper/Stickbaits 8000-10000 Spin
962SP8-15 Spin Hvy Shore 8-15Kg 9ft 6 inch 2pc (grip join) 217cm longest piece Full Grip 28-50 grams Rock Fishing, heavy shore spin 5000-8000 Spin
T805TW8 Spin Travel TW PE8 8ft 5 Full Grip Max 150 grams GT Popper Boat and shore Popper/Stickbaits 10000-14000 Spin
T825TW5 Spin Travel TW PE5 8ft 2 inch 5 Full Grip Max 120 grams GT Popper Boat and shore Popper/Stickbaits 8000-10000 Spin
621JSP3 Jig Spin PE3 6ft 2 inch 1 Full Grip Max 80 grams Offshore Boat Fishing 5000-6000 Spin
521JSPH8 Jig Spin PE8 5ft 2 inch 1 Full Grip Max 350 grams Offshore Boat Fishing 6000-8000 Spin
541JOHH8 Jig Overhead PE8 5ft 4 inch 1 Full Grip Max 350 grams Offshore Boat Fishing Jig Overhead Reel
541JSP5 Jig Spin PE5 5ft 4 inch 1 Full Grip Max 250 grams Offshore Boat Fishing 6000-8000 Spin
561JOH5 Jig Overhead PE5 5ft 6 inch 1 Full Grip Max 250 grams Offshore Boat Fishing Jig Overhead Reel
7102SWIM Swimbait B/Caster 8-15Kg 7ft 10 inch 2pc (butt join) 194cm longest piece Full Grip 60-140 grams Murray Cod, Barramundi Baitcaster overhead

Shimano Jewel Fishing Rod Buyers Guide

Fishing Tackle Shop has a range of different Jewel rods for sale, but if you're not sure what each one is about, we've put together an informative breakdown to help you make the right decision and purchase correctly.

Lake and River Options - If you're targeting a light class of freshwater fish or saltwater fish in rivers or lakes, such as bream, whiting or trout, then the best solutions will be models 6102SP, 702SPUL or 701SPL. The 6102SP is the heaviest and most powerful of the three, offering the best results for a broader range of estuarine fish.

Other Inshore Options - Spin Models 702SPM, 722SPMH and 792LC are all good versatile choices that will cover most of your inshore requirements. They are rated slightly heavier than the few rods mentioned above, making them ideal for a larger class of fish found in the estuaries, such as big flathead, perch and Tailor. The 792LC is worth highlighting as it's a long-cast model ideal for throwing soft plastics and blades further than some shorter models for sale in the series. The 792LC also makes an excellent light beach rod.

Heavy Inshore - Light Offshore Spin Options  - The Jewel 742SPSWSP 5-10kg is an ideal fishing rod for those who fish for murray cod, barramundi or snapper. It'll ease you into heavier inshore waters but can also be used offshore if needed because it's not too long and has a suitable line rating, so most lighter-class reef species will hook and land easily.

Keeping on the offshore subject line, we also have a range of jigging rods in our Shimano Jewel rods for sale. There are a few spin options as well as overhead options. Whilst they are designed for jigging, they also make an excellent rod for bait fishing the reefs and for a bit of light trolling.

Heavy Shore Spin Or Popper/Stickbait - One rod to consider for heavy shore and rock angling is the Jewel 962 spin rod. This rod is ideal for the angler that wants to throw medium to large metal slices, poppers, surface lures and large plastics off the stones or shorelines.

We have the Jewel Top water models, which will be a popular pick among anglers that fish offshore or from the shoreline with large poppers and stickbaits to target GT, kingfish, queenies other fish that smack the surface.

Swimbait Rods - Last in the lineup separates itself from the rest as it is an overhead baitcaster rod but not any old ordinary baitcast rod; it's designed to throw large lures such as swimbaits for species such as murray cod or barramundi.


  • T45 construction rod blank / 36 ton high modulus graphite gives you a rod capable of dishing out some incredible power. Still, in terms of physical weight, it’s light compared to other traditional graphite fishing rods on the market.
  • Fuji rod guides ensure that the Jewel rod will be up to take on all the latest fishing braids and monofilaments.
  • The price of the new Jewel rod is impressive, and it fits right where it needs to be, a rod that is not too expensive and features a range of technologies that generally cost quite a bit.

After a Jewel of a rod? Make it one of our Shimano Jewel Rods for sale. A brilliant rod for a brilliant price.


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