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Daiwa Fishing Rods


Daiwa Fishing Rods are amongst the top selling brands that we sell today and that is because Daiwa understand quality!

Daiwa Fishing was first established in Japan in 1955. After more than a decade of fishing tackle success, the corporation expanded by launching its US headquarters in 1966. Ever since, Daiwa has expanded its reach to serve anglers from all over the globe. Daiwa Fishing Australia is one of the many successful outposts crafting outstanding fishing rods. Below is our entire selection of Daiwa fishing rods for sale.


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Daiwa Light-Medium Tackle Rods 
Daiwa Generation Black Fishing Rods

See our range of generation black rods look great and perform well. A best seller!

Daiwa Black Label V2 Rods

Black Label V2 is a series of rods suited to intermediate and advanced anglers using lures.

Daiwa AGS Fishing Rods

Buy Here the AGS Series of Daiwa Rods – These rods are for advanced anglers that want to spend up to get the best quality.


A fishing rod that gives you a competitive edge targeting bream!

Daiwa Surf and Rock Fishing Rods 
Daiwa Sensor Surf Fishing Rods

Trained to handle the big catch; it’s a high performance surf fishing rod.

Daiwa Seabass Fishing Rods

Wonderful companion for some rock/beach fishing!

Daiwa Lateo Fishing Rods

Add some stealth in your beach and rock fishing with this minimal design beauty!

Daiwa Seajigger Fishing Rods

Buy here a Seajigger – A premium range of beach and rock rods delivering incredible power and performance.

Daiwa Tournament Master Surf Fishing Rods

Built for fast acceleration and long distance surf and rock casting!

Daiwa Heavy Tackle Bluewater Rods 
Daiwa Saltist Demon Blood Fishing Rods

Known for being super powerful Daiwa Demon Blood rods are favoured by offshore anglers.

Daiwa Saltist Hyper Rods

Daiwa Saltist Hyper Rods

Daiwa Saltist Extreme Rods

Daiwa Saltist Extreme Rods

All Other Daiwa Rods 
Daiwa Tournament Specialist Bream Fishing Rods

Specialized fishing rods from Daiwa to match Electric Reels!

Daiwa Saltiga Airportable Travel Rods

See here our Saltiga Airportable travel rods for sale. Top shelf, super high quality multi piece fishing rods.




Daiwa Fishing Rod Categories – Your core options consist of light tackle rods, heavy tackle rods, surf fishing rods, rock fishing rods, AGS rods, and interline rods. Each fishing rod from those categories performs to the highest of standards.

Superb Saltiga Rods – Browse our incredible collection of Daiwa Saltiga models. These fishing rods are among the sought-after Daiwa models on the market. Choose from the ranges for incredible heavyweight performance.

Daiwa Blanks – Quality of fishing rod blanks is vital for Daiwa rods. Depending on which level of rod you purchase, it will feature an innovative blank crafted from lightweight materials like graphite and carbon fibre. Those materials ensure that you both strength and feel for catching fish.

Innovative Components – Whether it’s the reel seat, ring guides, or grips, Daiwa fishing rods impress with the quality of their components. Please submit any questions about Daiwa components to one of our fishing tackle shop experts in live chat or give us a call if you need further help in picking the best daiwa fishing rod for your needs.