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Blade Lures & Vibe Fishing Lures


Blade fishing lures
Since the release of the Ecogear VX blade fishing lure this style of lure seems to have become the flavour of the season. Bladed Fishing Lures have become one of the biggest selling hard lures in recent times and they are a fantastic lure choice for bream and bass fisherman. However, these Fishing Lures are not just limited to catching Bream and Bass, they will catch many fish species.

Bibless minnow Vibe Fishing Lires
We carry brands of bibless minnow fishing lures such as Jackall Lures, Cultiva by owner, Ecogear and river 2 sea.
These lures are great for estuary fishing or fresh water fishing for a host of fish species some just to name a few such as bream, bass, cod, flathead.