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TT Switch Prawn Blade Lure

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TT Switch Prawn Blade Lure For inshore fishing

Prawns have always been a top bait choice in Australia, and for good reason! They are a staple food source and widely known to attract a near endless list of fish species both inshore and offshore. The TT Switch Prawn Blade Lure takes the appeal of prawns to another level by combining their appearance with the vibration and flash of a bladed lure. This deadly combination makes it an irresistible temptation for inshore fish in waters where prawns are commonly found.

The unique thumping action produced by the TT Switch Prawn blade perfectly mimics the movement of a fleeing prawn/shrimp making it incredibly effective at luring predatory fish such as bream, bass and flathead to the bite. Additionally, the TT Switch Prawn Blade Lure has been designed with a weighted keel for improved casting distance and maximum action in the water.

The TT Switch Prawn Blade Lure highly effective on its default lure clip setting, but you can also change the action by adjusting where the lure clip sits, as there are three tow-point options. This allows for versatility in different water conditions.

While a few versions of prawn blade lures are now on the market, TT has released some wicked fish-catching colours unseen in similar lures. If you fish in lakes or rivers, the Switch Prawn is a must-have in your lure box.

Features and Specifications

  • Shrimp/Prawn Blade lure
  • Construction: Metal
  • Twin assist hooks (owner hooks) finished off with feelers
  • Available in 44mm (8 grams) or 50mm (13 grams)
  • Ideal for fishing in lakes and rivers
  • Target species: flathead, bream, whiting, bass, trout, yellowbelly, redfin and other inshore fish
  • Lure clip included
  • Please note that the multiple images are for illustration only; the price is for one Switch Prawn lure only.

Is the TT Switch Prawn Blade Lure a freshwater fishing lure?

While primarily designed for inshore fishing, the TT Switch Prawn Blade Lure can be used in freshwater and saltwater environments. This flexibility in application broadens the range of species that can be targeted, making it an invaluable addition to any angler's arsenal. The lure's realistic prawn appearance and unique thumping action can effectively entice various freshwater fish species, such as yellowbelly and other perch species, in addition to its proven success in saltwater.

What are the best techniques for fishing with the TT Switch Prawn Blade Lure?

One of the best ways to target fish with the TT Switch Prawn Blade Lure is by casting and retrieving it along the edges of weed beds or structures where prawns are likely to be found. There are three tow-point options, allowing for different actions depending on the water conditions and your personal preference. For imparting action, experimenting with a slow, consistent retrieve or using a twitch and pause technique can also effectively trigger strikes from fish.

What Colours do the TT Switch Prawn Blade Lures come in?

The TT Switch Prawn Blade Lure comes in a range of fish-catching colours. We've picked a bunch of popular colours to stock at the fishing tackle shop, including Blacktreuse, Yabbie, King Tiger, Waga Suji Tiger, Aussie Tiger, Mongrel Tiger, Onyx Tiger and Pink Suji Tiger. It is always worth having a variety of colours on hand, so consider purchasing a couple of different models.

Buying A TT Switch Prawn Blade Lure at the Fishing Tackle Shop

Experience the mesmerising blade action of the TT Switch Prawn Blade Lure, meticulously crafted to resemble the favoured prey of predatory fish. Its prawn-like appearance makes the Switch Prawn irresistible and can entice even the most cautious targets dwelling in Aussie inshore waters. Don't miss out on this opportunity to order a Switch Prawn from the fishing tackle shop today while our supplies last!


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