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Blue Lip Baits Micro Mussel Lure

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Blue Lip Baits Micro Mussel Lure

In recent years we have seen fishing tackle innovation explode. The sheer number of different products accessible is staggering, from crab replicas to garfish-shaped lures. However, one of the newest and most innovative products to hit the market is the Blue Lip Micro Mussel Lure. This tiny lure has been designed to mimic a natural mussel, one of the tastiest treats for fish, especially bream, blackfish, trevally and flathead.

The Blue Lip Micro Mussel Lure is made from a tough compound that can withstand the extreme pressures of saltwater fishing. It has a realistic colour scheme range that entices fish to strike and offers incredible action when twitched, which no other lure on the market can mimic. Its ingenious design also allows it to sink, allowing you to target fish holding deeper in the water column.

Blue Lip Baits Micro Mussel Lures are ideal for fishing around shallow weed beds, rocky outcrops or deeper channels. Plus, they fish with excellent results around bridges, boat ramps and other areas with structures. Micro-mussels are versatile and can be used with various fishing techniques, including traditional cast and retrieve actions, jigging or low-speed inshore trolling. In addition, its small size means it can be used in fresh and saltwater, making it an incredibly useful lure for any angler.

Features and Specifications:

  • Brand: Blue Lip Baits
  • Hard body construction
  • Type: Mussel lure with action similar to a blade or vibe lure
  • BKK Treble hooks
  • Size: Approximately 3cm
  • Wire Through Construction
  • Weights: Available in either Light (2.9 grams) or Heavy (4.4 grams)
  • Ideal for light freshwater or saltwater fishing applications
  • Made in Australia

Please note the price is for one single Mussel fishing lure only. Select the option you require when making your purchase.

What fish can I catch with the Blue Lip Baits Micro Mussel Lure?

The Blue Lip Baits Micro Mussel lure is excellent for targeting bream, and it is also a superb option for targeting flathead, blackfish, bass and other light inshore fish species. It is effective in both fresh and saltwater.

Where is Blue Lip Baits Micro Mussel Lures Made?

Blue Lip Baits Micro Mussel Lures are proudly made in Australia. The company uses only premium quality materials, ensuring that each product is of the highest standards for fishing in Australian conditions. Blue Lip Baits are passionate about fishing and continually strives to bring innovative and high-quality products to anglers.

Where is the best place to fish with a Micro Mussel Lure?

The Blue Lip Baits Micro Mussel Lure is perfect for fishing around shallow weed beds, rocky outcrops and deeper channels. Mussel lures are also a fantastic choice to fish around structures such as bridge pylons, oyster racks, jetties and pontoons.

How do I fish the Blue Lip Baits Micro Mussel Lure?

The Blue Lip Baits Micro Mussel Lure is best fished by casting as close as possible to the structure or cover. Once the lure has hit the water, allow it to sink before giving a few short twitches. Continue with the retrieve and vary the speed to see what works best. Be sure to pause the retrieve every few seconds and allow the lure to sink, as this can trigger a strike from passing fish.

Purchasing Mussel lures online

You can now purchase Blue Lip Baits products directly through us at the fishing tackle shop. We stock all Micro Mussel colours, including Dark Night (the most popular), Molten Rock, Ocean Blue and Old Pontoon. Buy a Blue Lip Micro Mussel lure at our current best online price.


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