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Ecogear VX Blade Fishing Lures (VX35 or VX40)

Ecogear VX Blade fishing lures are responsible for starting a phenomenon among the tournament bream scenes representing the ultimate balance of size and weight in a metal blade lure.

This exciting lure is another brilliant innovation from the Ecogear fishing brand. You can expect the same quality and performance as the rest of their great lineup of lures which have proven to be tournament winners time and time again since their release.

Ecogear VX blade fishing lures have a highly detailed design and sport excellent craftsmanship making the VX series blade second to none. They work so well, why choose any other brand or model. It's a good reason why the VX blade has had a cult following among bream anglers all across Australia. VX a success for pro anglers on the tournament fishing scene speaks volumes for the performance of this little blade lure we have for sale.

There are two tow positions on the Ecogear VX blade fishing lures and depending which tow point you use, it changes the way the blade vibrates and swims on the retrieve.

For flat retrieves, the front tow point is best and is ideal when casting more considerable distances searching for fish over large areas. For an energetic vibration, when retrieving vertically or targeting deeper fish, use the rear tow point.

Cast and retrieve aside, Ecogear VX Blade Fishing Lures also make excellent light jigs for freshwater or saltwater lake and estuary fishing in deeper water and targeting bottom predators.

VX Blade lures are dynamite on Bream, Flathead, Trevally, Whiting and almost any species you’re likely to find in an estuary. On the freshwater scene, the blade is excellent for targeting Trout, Bass and other freshwater Perch fish species.

There are two models for sale at Fishing Tackle Shop. See our online deal on Ecogear VX35 or Ecgogear VX40 Fishing lures. The main difference is the size VX35 has a length of 35mm with a 3.5-gram weight and the VX40, a 40mm length bait with an approximate weight of 5 grams.

Features and Specifications

  • Type: Ecogear VX Series Blade Fishing Lure
  • Models: Choose either VX35 (35mm/3.5g) or VX40 (40mm/5g)
  • Tow Points: 2 (for varying actions in both deep and shallow water)
  • Top Quality Split rings and treble hooks
  • Detailed design and craftsmanship
  • Irresistible vibrating action
  • Many pro anglers class VX as essential gear for the Australian tournament scene
  • Will vibrate with the smallest rod movements that will attract and stimulate bites
  • Suitable for both fresh and saltwater fishing (Inshore lakes, rivers and other light inshore styles)
  • Target species include Bream, Trout, Australian bass, Freshwater perch species, flathead, whiting and many others.

Note: Multiple images shown on this listing are for illustration of the range only. Price is for one single blade lure. All you need to do is pick your colour of choice then order it.

We suggest purchasing a range of colours if you have the budget and means to. It’s always best to have a variety in your lure box. However, if your budget is limited, our two best colours that we seem always to sell a lot of are colour 439 or 445.


  • Ecogear VX vibrate with an enticing action that will bring in fish from distance to explore the commotion. VX has proven to be a lure that represents the ultimate search bait for both freshwater and saltwater inshore fishing styles.
  • VX Vibrate and entice fish whether fished on shallow sand flats or deeper water.
  • The Ecogear VX fishing lures have an unmatched reputation on the tournament scene as a super productive lure. So, you know you're purchasing a bait that does perform.
  • Ecogear lures are manufactured with the highest quality standards, right down to the split rings and trebles. Ecogear VX represents the ultimate in durable and long lasting lure construction.
  • The vibration this lure puts out is impressive and has a super knack of turning on even the most skittish.

Give the Ecogear VX Blade fishing lures a try and see for yourself how good fishing can be with the right lures. Jump onto our online deal now before we sell out.


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