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Big Boar Ozpig Accessories

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Product Description

Big Boar Ozpig Accessories - Camp oven / Wok / or Camping Kettle Range

Note: Pieces are sold individually, not as a combo. Pricing varies depending on which accessory you select from our order menu

Big Boar Cookware is designed specifically for your OZPIG, the most versatile and robust outdoor cooking and heating system available in Australia. Of course, the accessory rich OZPIG comes with its own range of custom cookware, but you don’t need an OZPIG to get the benefits of this outstanding Big Boar range of outdoor kettles, pots and pans.

There are two kettles, a 3 litre and a 4 litre. There’s a wok for fabulous stir fry and a huge camp oven that will cook everything from cakes to hearty winter style stews. Made from quality steels, you can rest assured that big boar cookware may likely outlast you.

The Big Boar cookware is designed to take the rugged Aussie outdoors and every bit of adventure you can throw at it. This is not pretend camping kit. This is life lasting cookware, designed and manufactured with outstanding craftsmanship and materials that our grandparents introduced us to all those years ago.

NOTE: Each item is sold separately, and prices vary depending on which option you select from our menu.

You can get them all at once or establish a full kit over time. Remember, you don’t need an OZPIG to use big boar cookware. Big Boar Cookware perfect whatever your camp kitchen may look like. All you need, of course, is fire.

The details of each item are listed below. It’ll hard to resist the lot. Not only are they top shelf quality must have accessories, they are also more affordable than you would imagine. Check the list below for specifics.

Camp Oven Big Boar


The heat bead basket allows you to use and alternative fuels source such as charcoal, heat beads or briquettes. It allows for all your favourite cooking methods as it allows for excellent heat control. Simply add or reduce heat beads to control temperatures to suit the items being cooked. Camping without a camp oven is like camping without a swag or tent. It’s a must have item, if indeed the only thing you need for cooking outdoors. The Big Boar Camp Oven is constructed from heavy-duty 4mm Black Steel. Unlike cast iron, it wont crack when dropped or when exposed to significant changes in temperatures.

Heat retention and distribution are perfect for cooking up a huge range of meals. It’s extra deep with a 7-litre capacity ensuring you can cook for a platoon of hungry campers. The cleverly designed machine lip promotes super-efficient cooking, with and extra deep lid to handle a full shovel load of coals. Strong, crossover handles provide a stable lift.

Cook stews casseroles soups and curries. Deep sides allow for a larger roast. Add a high-legged trivet to the bottom and you get the perfect airflow for baking cakes. Desert anybody?

The accompanying manual provides tips, recipes, general cooking information and a whole lot more. Get a Big Boar camp oven for sale now, and turn your camp kitchen, into an outdoor chef’s delight, where every meal cooked will become a cherished memory from your camping adventures.

Features and Specifications

  • Capacity: 7 litres
  • Construction: Heavy Duty 4mm Black Steel
  • Manual: Instructions with recipes cooking and handling tips
  • High Walls
  • Deep lid
  • Strong crossover handles

Big Boar Camp Oven Benefits

  • Black steel wont crack when dropped or when expose to temperature extremes.
  • Thick walls promote even heat distribution.
  • The deep lid allows for a full shovel load of coals on top.
  • Strong crossover handles provide stability when your lifting a precious cargo of casserole or stew.
  • The high walls provide room for a larger size roast.
  • With the addition of a trivet, your oven gets a new range of versatility with perfect cakes now a possibility along side you curry or roast.


Wok Big Boar


Great Asian stir-fries, pasta dishes, fish dishes and a host of other delicious outdoor dinner treats are a cakewalk with The Big Boar Wok, designed for the OZPIG. While custom designed to suit your OZPIG perfectly the Big Boar Wok is ideal for any outdoor kitchen. Constructed form high quality spun-steel, the Big Boar wok can even be turned upside down to create a handy pizza oven. There’s little the Big Boar Wok can’t cook and the limit is your imagination. The sturdy timber handle provides a fabulous heat free grip. The eyelet in the handle allows you to hang it up for neat storage. The deep pan allows you to shallow fry or deep fry. Fancy some homemade chips around the camp fire? Why not deep fry the catch of the day? Make a fried rice to compliment healthy steamed seafood dish you created using a steaming basket. Whatever your taste buds demand, you can satisfy yours and the rest of your camping troop, using the Big Boar No 5 Wok for sale now. Cooking vegetables in your Wok is a great way to get the kids on board with healthy foods. Grab your Big Boar No 5 Wok now.

Features and Specifications

  • Construction: High quality spun-steel
  • Handle: Timber handle with eyelet
  • Ideal for creating a large range of dishes


  • Perfect for your OZPIG but ideal for whatever outdoor cooking system you have. Use it at home in your kitchen if you have a flame and wok ring.
  • A versatile wok that is brilliant for creating a huge range of meals from deep fried chips to steamed seafood and Asian stir-fry’s.
  • The high-quality construction materials promote perfect even cooking while ensuring your Wok is robust enough to handle the rigors of outdoor adventures.



BIG BOAR KETTLE No’s 9 (4 litre) or No 8 (3 litre)

The Big Boar Kettle was designed to last. Constructed with 201 grade stainless steel a 3.2mm (2mm on the 3 litre) base of aluminium with an iron core. The double thickness is not just about a kettle to last a lifetime, it’s also about efficient heating. Your Big Boar Kettle gets to the boil faster.

Unlike a basic billy, your Big Boar kettle has and insulated handle and a whistle for alerting the campers to coffee time. It’s efficient, it’s hardy and durable and looks spectacular sitting on your OZPIG with the beautiful silver on black contrast.

This is just a brilliant kettle whatever your outdoor kitchen arrangement. You don’t have to have an OZPIG to get all the benefits of the best outdoor kettle on the market.

It’s time to upgrade from the old billy and equip your kitchen with a camping kettle that will cover everybody’s coffee on the one boil. Available in a 4 litre or a 3 litre the Big Boar Kettles are a must have for the quality campers kit.

Features and Specifications

  • Capacity: 4 litre or 3 litres
  • Construction 4L: 201 grade stainless with a 3.2mm aluminium base with iron core
  • Construction 3L: 201 grade stainless with a 2mm aluminium base with iron core
  • Insulated handle
  • Whistle
  • Built to last a lifetime
  • Efficient heating design for a faster boil


  • Large capacities ensure everybody’s coffee is covered on the first boil
  • Robust construction ensures your kettle is much more likely to last a lifetime of outdoor adventures.
  • Double thickness base ensures outstanding heat distribution for a speedy boil.
  • The whistle alerts you to a boiling kettle. You won’t forget that coffees up.
  • An insulated handle helps to mitigate against unwanted burns.
  • Great design for a fabulous look.

Ozpig accessories

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