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Van Staal Reels

Van Staal Reels For Sale

If ever there was a fishing reel that would genuinely deserve the title of military-grade, it’s Van Staal. We have select Van Staal spin reels for sale, and we will be the first to agree with the Van Staal brand themselves when they say their reels aren’t for everybody.

Beach anglers take note, Van Staal fishing reels are designed for those who take their fishing to an extreme. Their range of spinning reels are designed to yield the worst possible punishment you or a fish can dish out on a piece of precision equipment, and that includes surf fishing where you are likely to cop a wave.

The price point is unashamedly aspirational. Stall’s are not standard fishing reel engineering. Take a look. It doesn’t take an educated fishing eye to recognise that the Van Staal reels are something extraordinary. Are you an extraordinary angler? See our best online deals on the models we sell below.

We deliver worldwide so whether you’re based here in Australia or the US, Asia or Europe. No matter where you are, we can provide our reels to you.

Van Staal

Van Staal


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