Rapala Super Shadow Rap Lure

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Rapala Super Shadow Rap Lure

The Super Shadow Rap won’t be the cheapest lure you purchase this year but it will certainly deliver the most spectacular results. This versatile shallow running big profile bait is super responsive. It has the ability to make the tightest of turns, kicking hard from side to side, then fades off, heading deep, mimicking a dying baitfish. Rip it hard, or get a little more stealthy with a more considered twitch action.

There are some spectacular designs in the series, with incredible detail. At 160mm in length the Rapala Super Shadow Rap is a big bait for big fish. Hit Barra and Big Murray Cod in the fresh stuff looking for an easy meal. Salt bound Barramundi will also take to the Shadow Rap with fury. Mulloway lure anglers that are fishing in quite shallow water (up to around 6-7ft) will find it invaluable, as the traditionally lure wary Jewfish will strike first, asking pointless questions later.

With 77 grams of lure on your leader, casting from the rocks is a breeze. Target all your rock based heavier pelagic predators with your Super Shadow Rap. For the Northern anglers, the Rapala Super Shadow Rap will prove a special for bigger Queenfish; ordinary on the plate, but a legend in the fight. Toss it around the weed beds in the shallows or hit the sand banks and drop-offs for a serious meter plus Lizards.

Of course, the Rapala Super Shadow Rap Lure looks stunning, it’s Rapala. You are also assured bespoke craftsmanship, and the strength to tackle the toughest of scaly predators. VMC Coastal Black Treble Hooks will turn strikes to secure hook-ups, and assist you taking it all the way to the gunwale. Your Super Shadow Raps will be a sound investment. You will enjoy countless sessions, all you need do is replace your trebles from time to time as you deem necessary.

With your Rapala Super Shadow Rap, you’ll catch plenty of fish, win the bragging rights, and tick several catches from your bucket list. Could you be lucky enough that you find the lure in the mouth of a big murray cod or barra? Let’s hope so.

If you can afford to do so don’t simply stop at purchasing one, make sure you have a selection of Rapala Super Shadow Raps rigged and ready to cast in the salt, the fresh, either inshore or outside the heads.

Features and Specifications

  • Model: Rapala Super Shadow Rap Lure
  • Length: 16cm
  • Weight: Approx. 77 grams
  • Action: Tight turning, kicks hard from side to side and can mimic a dying fish.
  • Construction: 2-Part Plastic with Integrated Lip
  • Fitted with VMC Coastal Black hooks (trebles size 3/0)
  • Buoyancy: Sinking
  • Depth: 1 – 1.4 meters
  • Ideal for fishing over shallow weed beds and structure for aggressive fish. Perfect for anglers specifically targeting murray cod, barramundi and even send it gliding into the mouth of a hungry mulloway or giant flathead lurking in the shallows down at your local lake or river system.


  • Incredibly versatile. Ideal for big predatory species in the salt and fresh water. You can crank it, burn it fast or twitch it gently. Overall, it’s an incredibly stable lure that produces an amazing array of output.
  • At 77 grams, you can fish up a line class and cast very comfortably from the rocks.
  • The 160mm length ensures you attract the huge trophy fish you’ve been hunting for years.
  • The 2-Part Plastic with Integrated Lip stands up to the harshest of treatment and the VMC Coastal Black Treble Hooks will increase the likelihood that anything hooked is better position to stay hooked.
  • The shallow running depth makes the Shadow Rap a special for casting the shallows. Sinks to depths like a dying baitfish then revived by a twitch of jerk of your rod.

The Rapala Super Shadow Rap Lure for sale now is a top shelf Jerkbait fishing lure of distinction that will add a new level of versatility to your lure box. Don’t stop at one if you can help it. You’ll need a selection of designs to cover all the applications in your favourite waters.


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