Shimano Ocea Flash Boost Stickbait Lures

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Shimano Ocea Flash Boost Stickbait Lures

Shimano's new Ocea Flash Boost Stickbait Lures are the latest innovation in fishing lure design. The lures feature patented flash boost technology, a plate suspended inside the lure on micro springs that sways and flashes with just the slightest twitch. This unique movement, along with brilliant fish-attracting colours and finishes, attracts the attention of pelagic predators like mackerel, kingfish and tuna.

Shimano has released two models of baits: the Ocea Head Dip Flash Boost and the second being the Ocea Sardine Ball Flash Boost. While both models are incredible, there is a difference between them in that one model; the head dip floats while the sardine ball sinks. Ocea Head Dip comes in a 175mm/97g model and a 200mm/135g size to target a larger fish class. However, The sinking Ocea Sardine ball flash boost model currently only comes in a single size of 150mm and weighs around 71 grams.

The main difference between floating and sinking stickbaits other than the obvious is that floating stickbaits such as the Ocea Head Dip Flash Boost work best in calm to medium conditions. Sinking stickbaits like the Shimano Ocea Sardine Ball Flash boost, on the other hand, will perform well in medium to rough conditions when the baitfish and predator are a little deeper down.

Shimano Ocea Flash Boost Stickbait Lures are strategically designed to trigger natural predator instincts in fish. They do this by changing the reflection of light inside the lure and inducing a shimmying effect that is highly enticing to any predatory fish. The Ocea Flash Boost Stickbait Lures are now available for purchase right here at the fishing tackle shop at competitive prices.

Features and Specifications

  • Type: Stickbait Fishing Lure
  • Brand: Shimano
  • Specific Technology: Flash Boost (no batteries required)
  • Action: Ocea Head Dip(Floating) or Sardine Ball (Sinking)
  • AR-C Casting technology
  • Ideal for saltwater fishing
  • Target Species: Tuna, Kingfish, Giant Trevally, Mackerel, dorado.
  • Model Sizes: Ocea Sarine Flash Boost (150mm rigged with hooks) Ocea Head Dip (175 or 200mm – Unrigged/NO HOOKS)

Note: Multiple images are for illustration only. Images are supplied by Shimano Australia, there may be some variation in colour from image. Price is for 1 lure only; choose size to view price.


  • Shimano Ocea Flash Boost Stickbait Lures are the latest in fishing technology, sure to catch the eye of every pelagic fish that swims. The Shimano team has developed flash boost technology and is taking the fishing market by storm. Flash boost is a system that reflects light and creates movement, alluringly mimicking baitfish and driving any pelagic fish into an unending frenzy of feeding.
  • The Shimano AR-C casting system employed in both the Ocea Head Dip Flash Boost and the Sardine Ball Flash Boost is a unique system that adopts a moving spring weight. Partially hidden at the end of each case, this sliding component becomes more active during casts as it moves to one side and then back again with centrifugal force. This ARC system allows for easier, longer-distance castings while also providing higher accuracy.
  • The reflective flash boost mirror creates a semi-continuous and convincing flash within the body with just a twitch, giving off an even more powerful fish-attracting flash than traditional lures. With Flash Boost technology, anglers can communicate powerfully to target fish in deeper water columns without any batteries required on their end.

Shimano has long been a leader in the fishing industry, and their new Ocea Flash Boost Stickbait Lures are no exception. The lures feature patented flash boost technology for more fish-attracting action that can't be beaten. Shimano Ocea Flash Boost Stickbait lures will attract the attention of pelagic predators like mackerel, tuna, mahi-mahi or kingfish; without any batteries required! They're available in either an impressive floating model or a practical sinking version to meet your needs - make sure you buy a Shimano Ocea Flash Boost Stickbait lure or two today! You won't regret it.



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