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WFT Electric Reel - Electra

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Product Description

WFT Electra Electric Reels (Price varies depending on model – Choose a model from our order menu to view the price for that size)

Your grandfather would have seen electric reels as science fiction. Those that have never bounced the bottom or fished really deep would wonder, of course, what the point of an electric reel was at all. Others assumed right off the bat that they must cost and arm and a leg. The entry of the electric reel onto the angling scene some decades ago met with some excited and confused faces, often opinion was polarised. Regardless of the mixed reaction to its arrival, the technology has prevailed and carved out its own significant niche in the burgeoning angling market.

Now the electric reel is common place. In fact many boat manufacturers fit electric reel plugs near rod holders, such is the uptake of this wondrous technology. It is no longer met with the odd surprise of its early years and, anglers frequenting the deeper blue water locations are beginning to swear by the technology which is mind blowing and the WFT Electra electric reels will blow your mind also. There really is no better way to mitigate the extreme fatigue of fishing the massive depths than with a WFT Electra Electric fishing reel.

The darkest depths of our oceans have some of the most amazing tasting fish you can imagine. Bar Cod, Blue-Eyed Trevalla, gemfish and Bass Grouper are just a few. Chasing these deep dwellers or ‘bottom bouncing’ is very rewarding but can be totally exhausting. Dropping lines with sinkers the size of your forearm to depths beyond 100 meters is back breaking work to say the least. Now, with a WFT Electra Electric reel, you can let the reel do the hard work. Set the depths into the on-board computer, press a button to drop the line, wait for your strike, fight for a while using the handle as you would a normal reel, then press a button and the line is retrieved at up to 180 meters per minute. The features are too numerous to list and the benefits of fishing electric in the ocean blue depths are clear. No longer will you have to spend 10 minutes to wind up 150 meters of line to see your bait has been pinched. The reel does it for you. This function alone makes them worth their weight in gold.

Features and Specifications

  • 12V DC power
  • Premium stainless steel ball bearings
  • Quick motor release for deploying baits and lures faster
  • Pre-set gunwale stop position
  • Water surface pre-set for accurate range finding
  • Swimming range settings for lure positioning in the water column
  • High-speed retrieve
  • Position memory function

Note: Price varies depending on model – Choose a model from our order menu to view the price for that size

Two models to choose from when ordering

WFT Electra 1200PR HP Electric Fishing Reel

  • Drag Rating Max – 30kg
  • Gear ratio 2.8:1
  • Line Capacity: 1440 metres of 80lb braid fishing line
  • Approx Weight: 1680 grams

WFT Electra 700 PR Electric Fishing Reel

  • Drag rating max 13kg
  • Gear Ratio 3.5:1
  • Line Capacity: 360 metres of 80lb braid
  • Approx Weight: 680 grams


  • Takes the back breaking strain out of bottom bouncing and extreme depth fishing.
  • On board computer recognises and remembers depth settings, surface settings, bottom settings, line settings and is completely adjustable.
  • Returns your hooks from the bottom at up to 180m per minute.
  • Significantly reduces the time it takes to sink baits and retrieve line.
  • Can be fished as a normal overhead real, without the electric function.
  • Fits most overhead boat rods.

The WFT Electra Electric reels are perfect for fishing the depths. The technology is sound, reliable and trusted. More than anything the WFT electric reels have removed all the hard work from bottom bouncing. It is now more efficient and far less arduous. If your one to fish the depths regularly and long for a little of the effort to be removed, you best have a look at the WFT Electra reels, they’re more affordable than you imagined.

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