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PLB Personal Locator Beacon GPS (KTI PLB)

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Product Description

KTI PLB - Australia Coded Personal Locator Beacon – Fast Find PLB For Sale with GPS Emergency locator beacon. (includes bonus arm band for a limited time)

(Guaranteed near 11 years battery expiry date as we get fresh batch every 7-14 days)

Anybody partial to an outdoor adventure should do themselves and their family a favour and stay at home until they have purchased the KTI PLB (personal lifesaving beacon). How many times have we seen stories in the papers, on the web and in the news about missing hikers, bushwalkers, missing kayakers, missing dirt bike riders, jet skiers, and snow sports enthusiasts? Don’t make the news as another ‘missing ‘adventurer. The technology is available so that if you do get lost or in trouble in remote areas, you can be found, and quickly if you carry a GPS personal rescue beacon. The KTI PLB gives you peace of mind in the outdoors.

The KTI PLB emergency locator beacon is compact, fast and reliable. At 140g it is no load to carry and may well save your life.

The KTI personal emergency beacon is amongst one of the best PLB to buy and has a performance that sets the world standard by harnessing the 406MHz satellite frequency delivering a fast response with incredible accuracy. GPS equipped, the KTI is accurate to 3 meters. The chip style antenna is designed to deal with interference without compromising high sensitivity. The antenna will provide in excess of 24 hours of continuous transmission at temperatures as low as -20 degrees. The KTI PLB floats and has and LED high intensity photo flash strobe. The unit has a 20 year shelf life and a 10+ year battery life. The 10 year warranty is your guarantee of build quality.

When you find yourself in trouble or in an emergency situation in a remote location you and your loved ones will be eternally grateful that you included a KTI PLB personal locator beacon in your kit. Regardless of the adventure trail you follow it should be considered mandatory that you carry a personal locator beacon. Get yours now. It may just save your life.

Main Features and Specification of all models

  • Size: 88 x 64 x 31mm
  • Weight: 140g
  • buoyant
  • Strobe light 20 flashes per minute
  • Simple one-hand activation
  • Carry Pouch with belt connection
  • Detachable lanyard with pictorial instructions and whistle
  • Supplied with high reflectivite mirror
  • 10 year warranty
  • Accurate to 3 meters limited only by COSPAS-SARSAT system
  • Size: Compact, lightweight design
  • Antenna: Marine grade stainless steel, flexible, multi-position
  • Buoyancy: Self buoyant – no need for external flotation aids
  • Strobe: High intensity photo-flash LED
  • Activation: Simple one-hand activation
  • Carry Pouch: Included
  • Lanyard: Detachable with pictorial instructions and whistle
  • Mirror: Supplied with high reflectivity mirror
  • Warranty: 10 year parts and labour
  • GPS: 66 channel receiver
  • GPS: 5 minute position updates
  • GPS: Cold start acquisition time < 35 seconds typical
  • GPS: Chip style antenna design, highly resistant to detuning by nearby objects
  • 406MHz Transmission
  • SA2G


We sell KTI PLBs Coded for Australia Or (we can get New Zealand coded PLB's in by special request extra fee applies - Contact us if you wish to order a New Zealand coded model)

Why buy from us over a competitor?

It's simple, we offer best prices!, we don't deflate our prices making an item appear cheaper and then charge hidden or high postage fees. If you are in Australia this item ships with FREE POSTAGE. We sell so many of these plbs, around 60 or so units every 1-2 weeks. Don't believe us? feel welcome to call KTI to confirm. This is backed up by the fact that as our stock is so fresh from KTI you actually get nearly to exactly 11 years battery life (they are advertised as 10 - so you virtually get a bonus year).  Our PLB stock doesn't sit on our shelves, it sells, and fast. Check out our KTI PLB reviews and the number of reviews we have, speaks for it's self really.



  • A fantastic GPS PLB jam packed with intelligent inclusions – including the GSP ability to locate you quickly in an emergency situation.
  • Compact design, easy to carry and store making this perfect for fishing, kayaking, camping, caravanning, hunting, bushwalking, motorcycling, snow sports, jet skiing or four wheel driving. What about farmers? are you out and about in the field where there is no mobile reception? Perhaps worth thinking about?
  • Incredible battery and shelf life.
  • Simple, one hand operation.
  • The 10 year warranty is your guarantee of reliability.
  • The most critical benefit of the KTI PLB personal rescue beacon is that one day it may just save your life. History has told us time and again that many lives could had been saved had they carried a PLB unit. The KTI PLB ticks all the critical boxes and then some so it is one of the best PLB to buy. Check out or PLB Reviews below.

Whilst there is no law to say that these units are compulsory. Forget legal requirements. If you explore the outdoors in any way, shape or form you should consider the KTI PLB Personal Life Saving Beacon compulsory. It really is critical kit.

Buy one now and have it ready to pack on your next adventure. Peace of mind from short hikes to expeditions.

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