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Jaz Gardian Lure - Garfish Imitation Bait

A garfish is a delicacy for many fish in the ocean, and for some, their last meal if you cast out the Jaz Gardian Lure. Designed to resemble a garfish in appearance and movement, the Jaz Gardian Lure will fool even the most experienced fish in the ocean. Australian salmon, tailor, mahi mahi, cobia, trevally and just about any other ocean-going predator that feeds near the top of the water column are all susceptible to falling victim to the Jaz Gardian Lure.

The Jaz Gardian Lure is made from high-quality materials and finished with a single Kuhmo assist hook that is razor sharp. No other lure on the market yet comes close to replicating the action and appearance of a live garfish like the Jaz Gardian Lure.

Cast out, walk the dog or fish it back hard and fast; the Jaz Gardian Lure will forever change how you fish for pelagic predators. Jaz Guardian lures are like ice cream to us humans; there's just something about it that pelagic predators can't resist.

Features and Specifications:

  • Resembles a garfish
  • Designed for high-speed action
  • Ideal for fishing from a boat or the shore
  • Available in 140mm (42 grams) or 170mm (77 grams)
  • Rigged with a Kuhmo assist hook (size 6/0 on the 140mm and 9/0 on the 170mm)
  • Ideal for surface-dwelling pelagic fish.

Where can I use a Jaz Gardian Lure?

The Jaz Gardian Lure is designed for use in saltwater only. It is ideal for targeting pelagic fish that dwell near the water's surface, such as salmon, tailor, bonito, mahi mahi, cobia and trevally.

How do I use the Jaz Gardian Fishing Lure?

There are a few different ways to fish the Jaz Gardian Lure, depending on the type of fish you are targeting. For most pelagic fish such as salmon and tailor, the best way to fish the lure is by casting it out and retrieving it quickly. That will create a commotion in the water that will attract the attention of nearby fish.

Another way to fish the Jaz Gardian Lure is by 'walking the dog'. That involves holding the rod tip high and using a jerky motion to make the lure zigzag back and forth across the surface of the water. The walk-the-dog tactic closely resembles a dying garfish or other baitfish and is particularly effective when targeting mahi mahi and trevally.

No matter how you fish it, the Jaz Gardian Lure is sure to attract the attention of pelagic fish from all over the ocean.

What sizes are available?

The Jaz Gardian Lure is available in two sizes, 140mm (42 grams) and 170mm (77 grams). The 140mm is ideal for targeting smaller pelagic fish such as salmon and bonito, while the 170mm is better suited for larger, more powerful fish such as mahi mahi and trevally.

Jaz Gardian lure for sale

Here at the fishing tackle shop, we stock both sizes. The price is each, so please choose the colour and size you require when making your online purchase. We usually stock the following colours: Blood shot, Blue Poseidon, Davies Squid and Salty Mullet. Like ice cream in hand on a hot summer's day, Jaz Guardian lures are so good you'll keep coming back for more!


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