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Fish Candy Jelly Cicada Lures

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Product Description

Fish Candy Jelly Cicada Fishing Lure – Ideal for freshwater fishing and brackish waters

Just about any lure angler who fishes upstream in the fresh and brackish has a selection of Cicada style lures in their kit. There are some pretty effective models available on the market but the Fish Candy Jelly Cicada has raised the bar a notch and performed its way to becoming an essential selection in your summer lure arsenal.

This is an excellent lure for targeting just about any fresh species. The Salt water Bream and the Mangrove Jack will also devour a Fish Candy Jelly Cicada. In short, any fish that enjoys Cicada as part of their staple will attack your Fish Candy Jelly Cicada with aggression.

If you a really looking to target however, the angler looking to cast for extra-large Australian Bass will find this lure the go-to weapon for the summer. When the Cicadas start making there noise, including just prior, is the time when your Fish Candy Jelly Cicada will hit its straps.

Constructed using 10X plastic material, the lure has an incredibly soft, natural, ‘jelly-like’ feel. It makes a range of unique sounds when it plops on the water, which encourages an aggressive strike and with this surface fishing lure being soft plastic ensuring the fish wants to hold on. While the plastic is soft, it still remains highly durable and will manage the hard knocks. A decoy trebles in size 10 is supplied, connected to the tail. There is an option to put another on the mid-section but the action and snag mitigation is probably better with just the one hook.

Fully wired, the Fish Candy Jelly Cicada is strong enough to handle surprisingly large fish. There is an excellent selection of colours from UV to classic and the quality of the build is second to none.

The Fish Candy Jelly Cicada for sale now. Grab one or a selection for your kit and start casting.

Features and Specifications

  • Length: 42mm
  • Weight: 5g
  • Buoyancy: Floating –Surface fishing lure
  • Hooks: 1 x decoy treble Size 10
  • Depth: Top water, surface action
  • Target Species: Australian Bass, Sooty Grunter, Saratoga, Cod, Bream, Tarpon, Golden Perch and more.

Note: Price is for 1x Single Lure only. Images are just for illustration. Please choose colour required when ordering


  • Ideal for a broad range of fresh water fish as well as a selection of salties making a versatile lure in your fishing kit.
  • Brilliant swimmer with the wings creating a near freestyle swimming action attracting fish from their snaggy shelters.
  • Ideal for casting right up to structure.
  • Construction material is highly durable yet has a natural feel for the fish.
  • Especially Ideal for the summer when the Cicadas become top of the menu for our most famous of fresh water species.

The Fish Candy Jelly Cicada is definitely a top shelf lure. While it’s a little more expensive than other lures, the quality and the performance will see you forgetting the extra couple of bucks in no time. Grab one or if your wallet allows a selection and put them in you basket now. There’s a record Australian Bass with your name on it!

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