Chasebaits Curly Prawn Lures

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Chasebaits Curly Prawn Lures

Prawns have long been a staple in the diets of many fish species, both freshwater and saltwater, and over the years, many terrific lures have been designed to imitate this popular food source. How far can lure makers push the envelope in terms of prawn imitation?

Chasebaits have versions of prawn lures that feature a lifelike design. The latest to join the ranks is the Chasebaits Curly Prawn, a lure that perfectly mimics the action and appearance of a real prawn yet offers the added attraction of a curly tail. Sometimes ordinary just doesn't cut it, and Chasebaits Curly Prawn lures are the newest additions to the fish-catching arsenal of recreational anglers. Designed to bring the most scrupulous fish of our inshore fisheries to the dinner table, the Chasebaits Curly Prawn is one of those rare lures with a fusion of design elements that work.

The body shape, proportions and detailing of the Chasebaits Curly Prawn are all spot on, and the lure is finished off with vibrating legs, painted eyes and a back and belly slot for weedless rigging. Though, the curly tail is the real game changer, as it gives the lure a fantastic action, unlike any other prawn concept that exists on the market today.

Features and Specifications

  • Soft Plastic Fishing Lure
  • Prawn Imitation with Curly tail
  • Ideal for rigging on a jig head or with weedless hooks
  • You can rig it from either the front or rear of the lure
  • Painted eyes
  • realistic consistency PVC material
  • Size: 60mm (2.5 inches)
  • Qty in the packet: 6pcs

Note: The price is for one packet of Chasebaits Curly Prawn lures. Please select the colour you want from the drop-down menu.

Is the Chasebaits Curly Prawn made for freshwater or saltwater fishing?

The Chasebaits Curly Prawn is a soft plastic that can be used in both freshwater and saltwater fishing. It's an ideal choice for targeting bream, flathead, whiting, snapper, yellowbelly, trout and bass. Realistically, if a fish will eat a prawn, shrimp or yabby, the Chasebaits Curly Prawn is worth a try.

How do I rig the Chasebaits Curly Prawn?

The lure can be rigged in several ways, but one of the most popular methods is to rig it on a jig head by threading the hook through the tail/curly end of the lure. That gives the lure a great action as it swims through the water column. You can also rig it from the front or rear of the lure, or for snaggy areas, you can use a weedless hook system.

Can I catch fish on the Chasebaits Curly Prawn all year round?

The Chasebaits Curly Prawn is a fantastic option for fishing all year round. It's a lure that will see you through the warmer months as fish are actively feeding on prawns, shrimp and yabbies, but it's also a great option in the cooler months when the food source is scarce. The lifelike action of the curly tail is sure to entice fish to bite, even when they're not actively feeding.

What colours are the Chasebaits Curly Prawns available in?

The lures are available in several colours, including Milk Flash, Jelly Prawn, Blood Gold, Gold Shiner, Pearl Prawn and Lime Tiger. Choose the colour you want from the drop-down menu.

How many Chasebaits are Curly Prawns in a packet?

There are six lures in each packet.

Do I need to add anything else to my order?

If you're targeting fish with the Chasebaits Curly Prawn, we recommend adding a packet of jig heads with a size 2 to size 1/0 hook to your order. jig heads can be found in our store. You might also want to consider adding a bottle of soft plastic scent attractant to your order. That is a great way to add an extra level of attraction to your lure and make it even more irresistible to fish.

Is the Chasebaits Curly Prawn the next big thing in prawn lure design?

We think so, and we're sure that once you've tied one on and put it to work, you'll be a believer too! Order your Chasebaits Curly Prawn lures at the fishing tackle shop for our current online deal.


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