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Chasebaits Flexi Frog Lures For Sale

If you're an angler in Australia, there's no doubt that the tough conditions you've faced when freshwater fishing has been a challenge, and with the challenging conditions, you need a lure that's up to the task. The Chasebaits Flexi Frog Lure is designed with these confronts in mind as it's made of tough, floating TPE construction that can take on whatever you throw its way. You can fish them across any surface, from the snaggy abrasive territory where most lures would easily get trapped through to open water, especially when fish come out of their daytime hiding places to hunt at night.

Coming in a packet of 3 (65mm) or 4 (40mm), the Chasebaits Flexi Frogs are great value for money, especially considering their effectiveness. Each frog is rigged with a donkey stopper – a high-quality, weedless hook that will do its best to ensure your catch isn't lost to snags.

The 40mm frogs are perfect for targeting Australian bass and perch, while the 65mm size is ideal for those anglers after Murray cod, barra, saratoga and other large fish species.

While there are many different frog lures on the market, Chasebaits are renowned for their quality, value and effectiveness – making Chasebaits Flexi Frog Lures a firm favourite amongst freshwater anglers across Australia. Combine this with the realistic design and colours of the frogs, and you have a freshwater lure sure to entice even the most cautious fish.

So, if you're looking for a top-quality, value-for-money frog lure that will catch you some big fish, then Chasebaits Flexi Frog lures are the way to go. Let's take a closer look at Chasebaits Flexi Frogs.

Features and Specifications

  • Soft Plastic Frog
  • Freshwater fishing lure
  • Rigged with a Donkey Stopper High-quality, weedless hook Size 1/0 on 40mm and size 5/0 on 65mm
  • Available in a 3pc packet (65mm) or 4pc packet (40mm)
  • Tough, floating TPE construction for fishing across any surface
  • Realistic design and colours for maximum fish attraction

Note: the price is for one packet only. Multiple images are for illustration only. Price varies upon size chosen.

Flexi Frog FAQ

What is the best way to fish the Chasebaits Flexi Frog Lure?

There is no explicit right or wrong way to fish the Flexi Frog, as they are designed to be versatile and practical no matter how you fish them. Burn it across the surface to imitate a fleeing frog, fish it slow and steady through the weed beds or lily pads, or use a stop-start retrieve in open water – the choice is yours. The only wrong way to fish them is to not have any Chasebaits Flexi Frogs in your lure bag!

How effective are Chasebaits Flexi Frog Lures?

These lures are very effective, as evidenced by their popularity amongst freshwater anglers across Australia. Whether targeting bass, perch, barra or saratoga, Chasebaits Flexi Frogs entice even the most reluctant fish. The flapping leg design also means that these lures create a lot of movement and noise in the water, further increasing their appeal to fish.

Do I need to use a leader when fishing Chasebaits Flexi Frog Lures?

Yes, we always recommend using a low-vis leader when fishing Chasebaits Flexi Frogs (or any other soft plastic lure, for that matter). Using a leader helps to protect your main line from abrasion and gives you a much better chance of landing your fish, as they are less likely to see the leader and be spooked. A fluorocarbon leader of around 2-3ft in length is ideal.

What size Chasebaits Flexi Frog Lure should I use?

The size will depend on your target fish and fishing conditions. As a general rule, the 40mm frogs are better suited to smaller fish such as bass and perch, while the 65mm frogs are better suited to larger fish such as Murray cod, barra and saratoga. That said, both sizes will catch fish of all sizes, so it is a matter of personal preference. Bass are greedy little things and often go for prey bigger than they can fit in their mouths.

Do Chasebaits Flexi Frog Lures come in different colours?

Flexi Frogs are available in various colours, each designed to imitate a different type of frog or appeal to fish in different conditions. The most popular colours are black at night and green during the day.

Do we sell other Chasebaits lures?

Yes, here at the fishing tackle shop, we have a wide range of Chasebaits Lures For Sale.


  • Value stands out in Chasebaits Flexi Frog lures – you will struggle to find a better quality soft frog lure on the market for such a reasonable price.
  • Chasebaits Flexi Frogs perform well in all fishing conditions, including open water, across weed beds, snags and lily pads.
  • The realistic design and colours of Chasebaits Flexi Frogs are another big selling point, as they are sure to maximize fish attraction and entice even the most cautious of fish to bite.

Chasebaits Flexi Frog Lures are among the Australian market's best value-for-money frog lures. Chasebaits Flexi Frogs should be at the top of your list if you're looking for an effective and versatile frog lure.


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