Chasebaits Drunken Mullet Lure

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Chasebaits Drunken Mullet Lure

The Chasebaits Drunken Mullet Lure is a swimbait/hardbait ready to make a splash in your tackle box! This ripper is more than just your average articulated swimbait/hardbait. With a cheeky spinning prop tail, it adds a whole new dimension to attracting big, hungry fish. The Drunken Mullet's action is so lifelike that it looks like a wounded or exhausted fish stumbling around in the water. You could even say it's had a few too many coldies! Hence the name Drunken Mullet.

Three Size Options

Now, let's discuss the different sizes available for sale here at the fishing tackle shop. While each size is sold separately, The Chasebaits Drunken Mullet lure has three options: 70mm, 95mm, and 130mm.

The Larger-Sized Drunken Mullets are an excellent choice whether you're a saltwater or freshwater angler. In the salt, they're suitable for fishing rivers and large estuaries, tempting trevally and big, bold mangrove jack. If the fish you’re targeting swims near the surface, the Drunken Mullet will trigger inquisitive instincts and bring those fish in for a closer look, possibly a strike!

The 70mm size is the latest addition to the Drunken Mullet fishing lure family. It’s perfect for anglers looking for a smaller all-rounder. This pint-sized dynamo targets Aussie favourites like Australian bass, perch, and other fish that fancy a more compact profile.

Don't let the smaller-sized mullet put you off chasing larger fish, though! At 70mm, it still packs a serious thump for those keen on chasing mangrove jack, saratoga, fingermark, and fish with a little oomph. Unlike its bigger siblings, the 70mm version sports a single main body instead of a segmented design.

Built Sturdy

Chasebaits has outdone themselves with the Drunken Mullet. The construction and materials are ready for battle, and the design is a testament to their continued commitment to fishing innovation and creativity. Chasebaits have delivered another lure that's not only built to battle it out on the water but also to catch more fish more often potentially.

Features and Specifications:

  • Model: Chasebaits Drunken Mullet Lure
  • Type: Segmented Swimbait (95-130mm), Single Main Body (70mm)
  • Sizes: 70mm (11 grams), 95mm (19 grams), or 130mm (37 grams)
  • Special Feature: Prop Tail / Fizzer
  • Hooks: Dual Treble
  • Depth: Top Water
  • Retrieve: Variable, slow roll, increase speed for a more pronounced popping sound
  • Buoyancy: Floating
  • Profile: Mullet, with 3D features

Please note that while we've shown multiple images for reference, the price is for a single Drunken Mullet lure, and it may vary based on the size you choose.

Chasebaits Drunken Mullet Buyer's Guide:

Alright, let's break down the three sizes available for the Drunken Mullet a little further:

70mm: The new kid on the block, perfect for targeting smaller species like Australian bass, perch, and other fish that prefer a more compact profile. It's also a ripper for mangrove jack, saratoga, and fingermark. With a weight of around 11 grams, the JNR model is ideal for casting on a wide range of light-medium line classes.

95mm: This versatile size is great for both salt and freshwater fishing. Pit it against barra, cod, and saratoga in the fresh or mangrove jack in the salt. At 19 grams, the 95mm version will easily cast on most spinning or baitcasting setups.

130mm: This is the big daddy of the bunch, ideal for chasing larger saltwater species like barra, queenfish, fingermark, salmon, and tailor. When compared to the 95mm version, at 37 grams, this lure can cast further on both spinning and baitcaster setups.

Choosing Drunken Mullet Colours

Having variety in your kit is always a good idea. Our top sellers for barra in low-light conditions are 06 Whiz, 03 Bone, and 04 Gold Shiner. If you're fishing for Murray cod, colours like 04 Frog, 02 Bass, and 08 Shadow have been standout performers.

In the 70mm junior size, popular colours include Shadow bass perch and Purple haze when fishing for species like Australian bass and perch. The brighter colours are also worth a cast when darker lures are not performing.

In the salt, it's hard to go wrong with any colour, but for our northern anglers chasing fingermark and queenies, 06 Whiz, 03 Bone, and 04 Gold Shiner are worth a shot. For general saltwater fishing, we recommend adding 05 Bluebait, 06 Whiz, and 07 Jelly Prawn to your collection. However, having a mix of natural-looking and obscure colours can be the secret to success.

Why Choose the Drunken Mullet?

- Versatile: Equally at home in salt and fresh water

- Irresistible: Spinning prop tail creates tantalising sounds and splashing actions

- All-in-One: Combines proven features like articulation (excl 70mm), wounded fish action, and a spinning prop tail

- Realistic: Mullet profile and 3D anatomical features create a lifelike presentation

- Adaptable: Achieve peak action at various retrieve speeds, allowing for diverse presentations

- Masterful Mimicry: Brilliantly imitates the action of a wounded or "drunk" fish

Buy A Drunken Mullet

The Chasebaits Drunken Mullet Lure is the ultimate all-rounder for anglers who love to mix it up between salt and fresh. Buy one and spend hours enjoying the adrenaline-pumping action of top-water fishing as you chase Australia's most legendary fish species. Treat yourself to one (or more) today, and experience the thrill of the Drunken Mullet!


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