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Polarised Sunglasses


Polarised sunglasses offer the definitive solution for reducing intensive glare and protecting your vision. Choose from a selection boasting hundreds of the best polarised sunglasses available online, from affordable deals all the way up to elite models. Our main brands include Mako, Spotters sunglasses, Tonic Eyewear, and Uglyfish Eyewear

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Tonic Polarised Sunglasses

Premium polarised fishing sunglasses designed to be highly effective and durable, yet also stylish

Spotters Polarised Sunglasses

Vaporise glare with any pair of our Spotters polarised sunglasses.

Uglyfish Eyewear Sunglasses

Vast selection of Uglyfish sunglasses to suit all budgets and needs.


See our amazing sale prices on Mako Sunglasses here.




Protect Your Vision - Fishermen and boaters are already lifelong converts of polarised sunglasses. The appeal stems from their ability to reduce glare over long, flat surfaces. Now golfers, cyclists, fishermen and various sporting enthusiasts have been won over.

Ideal for Outdoors - Whether you need to see more clearly on land or water, polarised lenses will give you the clarity to enjoy outdoor activities more than ever. Forget about glaring sunrays spoiling your beautiful view.

For All Budgets -Countless options are waiting for all levels of budget. Mako and Uglyfish are ranges with a number of great deals, while Tonic or Spotters are outstanding if you want elite performance.

Hundreds of Pairs - Buying sunglasses online has never been simpler. Here at the Fishing Tackle Shop, you can view prices for hundreds of polarised sunglasses to suit every budget. You are guaranteed to find a great deal when you stick with us.