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Spotters Cristo Sunglasses Gloss Black Frame Glass Lens

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RRP $319.95
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Spotters Cristo Sunglasses Gloss Black Frame Glass Lens

If you’ve been complaining about sunglasses that are too big for you then the Spotters Cristo might be the answer you’ve been looking for. It has smaller footprint (shape) and is an angular shape to give it an outstanding classy appearance.

The material used in the frames of the Spotters Cristo is an amorphous thermoplastic. Despite being sturdy the material is very flexible and fits comfortably. These properties of this material give the frame very high flexural fatigue strength hence the frame will retain its shape without compromising the comfort.

The optical glass lenses of the Spotters Cristo Sunglasses are available in six different colours.

Photochromic Lenses

Penetrator: The first one is called penetrator it is a photosensitive lens that seamlessly transitions from lighter to darker shades as per the intensity of light that strikes it and it actually enhances light perception under low light conditions.

Halide: Halide is a revolutionary photosensitive lens that uses cutting edge technology to soothe the user’s eyes in extremely bright light, this ability of the Halide lens makes it the world’s darkest photochromic lens.

Mirrored Lenses

Three different types of mirrored lenses are available, Platinum, Gold Leaf and Ice Blue.

Platinum & Gold Leaf: Both Platinum and Gold Leaf mirrors are overlaid on a high contrast copper glass lens. The copper lens tint relaxes the eyes great for areas of high glare, yet it still offers outstanding clarity and high contrast vision. Suitable for everyday use, highly recommended in high glare situations.

Ice Blue: The Ice Blue mirror covers a stone grey lens this provide natural colour perception while removing glare. The Ice Blue Lenst is suitable for normal everyday use, great in a high glare environment where you need natural colour perception.

Natural Lens

Stone Grey: A natural stone grey lens simply enhances light perception while reducing glare substantially. The Stone lens literally relaxes your vision. The natural grey colour filters irritating glare and noise from your vision by removing it and providing optical clarity without a change colour perception.

Features and Specifications


  • The frame is made from an amorphous thermoplastic
  • It has small templates and an angular frame shape


  • The penetrator lens enhances vision in low light conditions
  • The Halide lens can transition into the world’s darkest photosensitive lens to protect the user’s eyes from extremely bright light
  • The mirrored lenses soothe the eyes by reflecting the bright light away
  • The natural stone grey lens enhances color perception and eliminates glare


  • Six different types of glass lenses are available to choose from including two photosensitive-penetrator and Halide, three mirrored-ice blue, gold leaf & platinum and one non-mirrored natural stone grey lens
  • The Halide lens is the world’s darkest photochromic lens
  • The sprung templates boast full peripheral vision
  • The frame is light weight, durable and has exceptionally high flexural fatigue strength
  • Its small size would make it an ideal choice for anyone with a small face

The Spotters Cristo Sunglasses small in size big in protection


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