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Fishing Reels

Fishing Reels

The Fishing Tackle Shop is home to the best fishing reels in Australia. When browsing our selection, you’ll have hundreds of options to choose from. Finding a fishing reel is simple because we let you search by the type of reel or the manufacturer.
In terms of type, we stock baitrunner fishing reels, baitcaster reels, game fishing reels, overhead fishing reels, spinning reels, Alvey and a lot more.
The list of manufacturers that we stock is the ultimate A-Z of fishing reel excellence. We proudly stock Alvey, Daiwa, Fin-Nor, Okuma, Penn, Pflueger and Shimano among our vast selection and that's just to name a few. Shop by either style or by brand name below.

Fishing Reels are here in all major brands such as Shimano Reels, Penn Reels, Daiwa, Okuma and more. Shop Now
  • Spinning Reels
    Spinning Reels

    Spinning Reels

    The Best-Selling Fishing Reels on the Market - Spinning reels are the best-selling category because they are simple to use and give you remarkable diversity – it’s not complicated.
    Superior Quality at Affordable Prices - Affordability is another reason why you need to get a spinning reel. Here at the Fishing Tackle Shop, we stock a massive range of sizes and brands of spin fishing reels at astonishing prices.
    About the fishing reel size - In our online fishing store we have a selection of spin type fishing reels and to help you choose the correct fishing reel we have broken all the spin reels into different categories such as:
    Large and Extra-large sized reels

    Massive variety of spinning reels - huge range of sizes - all major brands. Shop Now
  • Baitrunner Style Fishing Reels
    Baitrunner Style Fishing Reels

    Baitrunner Style Fishing Reels

    The Standout Feature - The engineering of Baitrunner fishing reels lets you take a step back from the rod without having to worry and allows fish to play with the bait until you are ready to strike and set the hook. Once a fish bites on your line, the spool continues to run in free spool mode until you are ready to pick up the rod and reel it in.
    Simple and Versatile - Baitrunner reels are popular with anglers that like to use more than one fishing rod. These reels are perfect for angling from boats or directly on the beach or rocks to bring in a range of species such as jewfish or snapper. There are also a range of lighter bait runner reels available for fishing in rivers, lakes etc. Baitrunner is a Trademark of Shimano Fishing however other common names for this style of reel is also bait release, bait feeder, bite n run or Live liner fishing reels.
    Check out our large range of Baitrunner style fishing reels below.

    Large range of Baitrunner style fishing reels - great for beach and boat fishing. Shop Now
  • Overhead Fishing Reels
    Overhead Fishing Reels

    Overhead Fishing Reels

    Improve Your Chances - An overhead reel is exactly what you need for offshore fishing from a boat for trolling, bottom basing or live baiting and will provide you with easy hook set capabilities. One of the biggest benefits to an overhead fishing reel is the large line capacities and great drag capabilities.
    Suitable for Offshore Boat and Inshore Fishing - Overhead fishing reels are suitable for pretty much any offshore scenario, plus although it is not as common these days, over head reels are also fine for some inshore applications. Check out our great range of overhead reels below!

    Huge range of Overhead fishing reels - Especially great for offshore boat fishing and more. Shop Now
  • Game Fishing Reels
    Game Fishing Reels For Sale

    Game Fishing Reels

    Catching the Big Game Fish - When you go searching for the fiercest fish that the ocean has to offer, you need a game fishing reel that can stand up to them. Here at the Fishing Tackle Shop, we bring you a powerful selection of game fishing reels that are ready for battle.
    Easier to Reel In Your Catch - Game fishing reels are what you need for trying to catch species like marlin, sailfish, swordfish, sharks and tuna. Big game fishing reels typically have a higher gear ratio to make it easier to bring in your catch and some models we stock have 2 speed systems with a lower ratio for those long drawn out battles. Check out our large range of Big game fishing reel options below!

    Great range of top brand game fishing reels - ideal for trolling or live baiting. Shop Now
  • Baitcaster Fishing Reels - Round Profile
    Baitcaster Fishing Reels - Round Profile

    Baitcaster Fishing Reels - Round Profile

    Robust Feels for Handling Stress - When choosing from baitcaster reels, the decision is to go for a low profile or round profile design. The round profile is the best choice if you require a strong reel that can handle greater stress.
    Greater Line Capacity - Round profile is a much more rigid shape than low profile baitcaster reels with the added bonus which is that they carry more line than you average low profile baitcaster fishing reel making it perfect for catching the likes of larger and harder fighting fish such as barramundi, Murray cod, yellowbelly, Snapper and so much more.

    Great for inshore targeting barra and murray cod. Suits light offshore fishing styles too. Shop Now
  • Baitcaster Fishing Reels Low Profile
    Baitcaster Fishing Reels Low Profile

    Baitcaster Fishing Reels Low Profile

    Robust Feels for Handling Stress - Low profile Baitcaster fishing reels are the way to go when thinking baitcaster. While round profile reels seem to be at the their peak, manufacturers keep finding exciting ways to advance the development of low profile baitcaster reels.
    Comfort and Endurance - Anglers enjoy using low profile bait caster fishing reels because of how comfortable in size they are. They are less bulky and carry less weight than round profile bait caster fishing reels, meaning that you can fish for longer and not get as tired in the arms.

    Perfect for inshore fishing, lakes, inlets, estuaries and dams etc for barra, cod, bass and other fresh or saltwater fish. Shop Now
  • Alvey Fishing Reels
    Alvey Fishing Reels

    Alvey Fishing Reels

    Legendary Australian Design - Alvey Reels were created by the legendary Charles Alvey and son Ken Alvey who devised the unique design which today has been developed into a world famous iconic Australian brand still owned by the Alvey family.
    Cast Greater Distances - The side-cast technique of Alvey fishing reels which is a feature on most of the Alvey reel range is simple to master and will add an exciting new dimension to your angling. Expect to see a vast improvement in the length of your casting when you buy any of the Alvey fishing reels below.

    Iconic Australian brand we have alvey reels for river, beach, boat and more. Shop Now
  • Fly Fishing Reels
    Fly Fishing Reels

    Fly Fishing Reels

    Whether at the beach or standing in a river, fly fishing is adored by anglers for its relaxed nature. Fly fishing will of course require an effective reel. Well, here you can find outstanding fly fishing reels suitable for surf, flats, estuaries, and more. All fly fishing reels can be found underneath.

    If you're into fly fishing, check our range of fly reels out for saltwater or freshwater. Shop Now

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