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Trace Line and Fluorocarbon Leader – We have it all here for sale at Fishing Tackle Shop in heavy style such as Jinkai and Momoi and Fluorocarbon such as Berkley Vanish and FC Rock. See our full range for sale below by selecting one of the category icons.
Fluorocarbon is a fantastic material for fishing trace and leader line. Engineered as a specialist form of monofilament, fluorocarbon fishing line can give you benefits such as invisibility, density, stiffness, abrasion resistance, and lack of stretch. All of our best options can be found displayed underneath.

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Fluorocarbon Leader Lines & Main Lines

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Heavy Trace Line

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Stealthy Design – A fluorocarbon leader line also works effectively when paired with other materials. For instance, the non-transparent nature of braided fishing line means that fish can be scared away. Simply add a fluorocarbon leader for invisibility.

Quick to Sink – Featuring a dense composition, fluorocarbon sinks quickly in water. This will ensure that jigs and worms will sink below the water and will not remain static on the surface.

Stiff for Straightness – Many fishermen like the stiff design of fluorocarbon because it helps to ensure that their leader line remains straight. In turn, this will help you to improve on accuracy. Another benefit is that you will feel the bite easier because your set will be more effective.

Less Breakage – Avoid frustrating breakages with trace line and leader line designed to have a greater level of abrasion resistance than regular fishing lines. Rubbing against rocks or on wooden surfaces will no longer be an on-going concern.

Made by the Best – All of the trace lines and types of fluorocarbon leader come from quality manufacturers of fishing tackle, including names such as Ande Trace, Berkley, Jinkai, and Momoi. So no matter if you’re in need for fluorocarbon or simply just heavy mono trace here at fishing tackle shop we have you covered.