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Black Magic Tough Trace Leader Line

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$19.95 - $21.95
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Black Magic Tough Trace Leader Line

Fishing with a cheaply made fishing leader is a false economy. Often you invest plenty simply to get out on the water. What use this investment when your leader is not up to scratch and results in lost fish and no fish. Black Magic Tough Trace for sale now is a premium leader that allows you to fish all applications with improved confidence, from Marlin to Mangrove Jack from remote stream to the vast blue water.

Black Magic Tough Trace ticks all the boxes. Firstly, abrasion resistance is outstanding, allowing you to get up close and personal with the gnarly structure without fear of compromising your rig. Secondly, when a Spaniard monsters your lure, and you're not fishing a metal trace, you want a premium leader like Black Magic Tough Trace to give you (at least a little) chance.

Thirdly, no angler is happy to lose a great catch to poor knot strength. Whether you crimp of tie knots, you can be confident you wont lose a battle to poor knot strength. Black Magic Tough Trace is supple and workable allowing you to tie secure knots.

Fourthly, the ultra-clear finish ensures you won't trouble fish that are spooked by fishing line. Black Magic Tough Trace Leader Line is very difficult to see in the water.

With a great range of test weight's covering most applications, Black Magic Tough Trace is the only leader you need. Check out the spool sizes below.

As an added feature, dispenser packs are designed for reuse. Fill them with rigs of your choice after you're done with the leader. It's great to see Black Magic putting serious thought in to great ways of designing packaging so that it needn't end up in landfill. Grab what you need now or by a selection of test weights and cover all of you leader requirements with Black Magic Tough Trace for sale now.

Features and Specifications

Breaking Strain (LB)Metres/SpoolLine DIA (mm)
40 100 0.55
50 100 0.60
60 100 0.70
80 80 0.80
100 60 0.90
200 30 1.40
300 20 1.80
  • Ultra-clear
  • Super abrasion resistant
  • High knot and crimp strength
  • Manufactured from Japanese copolymers extruded to the specifications of Black Magic Tackle
  • Packaged in a compact dispenser pack that fits in your tackle box or Leader Feeder and can be re-used as a lure/leader holder.
  • Leader Line

Note: Price is for 1 spool only. Choose which size you require when ordering. Multiple images of trace for reference only.


  • Exceptional abrasion resistance allows you to fish the structure confidently as well as offering some protection from predatory teeth.
  • There are any number of fish species known to spook easily when they spot fishing line. The ultra-clear construction mitigates against this tricky issue.
  • The reusable dispenser is a great idea and while convenient, also demonstrates the Black Magic dedication to environment by creating products that can be recycled.
  • Whether you crimp or knot your leader, high strength connections are assured. Be better prepared against losing a fish to poor know strength with Black Magic Tough.

Black Magic Tough Trace Leader Line is just that. Tough. With brilliant abrasion resistance, high knot strength and an ultra-clear finish, Black Magic Tough Trace ticks all the critical boxes required to make it a performance leader in all Aussie fishing conditions for all application.


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