Rovex Fluorocarbon Leader Line

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Rovex Fluorocarbon Leader Line For Sale

You’ll still hear quite a few anglers questioning the value of fluorocarbon leader. Their argument is that they have fished mono for years and still use mono leaders on their braid rigs. Mono works, why change. While preference, and indeed habit, has a lot to do with it, it’s pretty hard to ignore current trends. Check out the comp circuits and tournaments. They’re using fluorocarbon. Check out the pros, they’re using it too. In fact, just about everywhere you look, anglers are using fluorocarbon leaders. The uptake is simply due to the benefits of low visibility, abrasion resistance and non-porousness. The modern material from which fluorocarbon is manufactured, simply offers more to the angler than traditional monofilament.

There are many brands from which to choose. Going for the most expensive is no guarantee, but if you want assurances that you’re getting premium quality, buy Rovex Fluorocarbon Leader. Rovex Fluorocarbon Leader is practically invisible once it hits the water. It sinks up to four times faster than monofilament fishing line and one other thing we should mention is its effectiveness to resist abrasion. Of course it is a little bit stiffer than mono, but this won’t cause a problem so long as you take care to see your knots are fully tightened. At the lightest test weight of 4lb, you won’t even notice any stiffness. With a diameter of only 0.17mm, it would be your go to leader from most finesse sport fishing, from Trout to Whiting.

There are 10 test weights available. They are all clear and they are all available on conveniently spooled onto compact, 20 meter spools. Do yourself a favour and get a Fluorocarbon that is tried, tested and proven in Australian conditions. Get Rovex Fluorocarbon Leader and we’re sure you’ll see the difference, where the fish won’t see a thing.

Features and Specifications

  • Type: Fluorocarbon fishing leader
  • Spool Size: 20 Metres
  • Price is for 1 spool only – And the price will vary depending on what size you choose, select a size from our order menu to check its price for that size.

Sizes available and their diameters

4lb 0.17mm, 6lb 0.21mm, 8lb 0.27mm, 10lb 0.30mm, 15lb 0.37mm, 20lb 0.44mm, 30lb 0.52mm, 40lb 0.62mm, 60lb 0.79mm or 80lb 0.92mm


  • Super low visibility in the water. Fish just can’t see it so are unlikely to be spooked by it.
  • Sinks really fast. Ideal for light soft plastic fishing lures.
  • The excellent abrasion resistance means you can fish the snags with greater confidence.
  • UV resistance means greater durability and therefore cost savings.
  • The compact 20m spools are great for slipping in a pocket (at least in the smaller size stains). Ideal for the kayak angler looking to minimise the bulk of kit.
  • Hard enough to take the knocks and sharp teeth without compromising knot strength too much.

Fluorocarbon is pretty well the modern way for leaders. When you get Rovex Fluorocarbon Leader, you know you will be getting premium grade, performance leader. It ticks all of the boxes for the most discerning anglers, and has proven itself time and again under Australia’s tough fishing conditions. Grab a spool or a couple of spools now and try Rovex Fluorocarbon Leader for yourself.


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