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Shimano Fishing Rods


Shimano Fishing Rods are among the best selling brand of rods that we have for sale in our online fishing store.

Since being formed in 1921, Shimano has grown from a humble iron works in Japan into one of the finest manufacturers of fishing tackle in the world. From Shimano Australia comes a selection of fishing rods for a vast selection purposes, all of which you can prepare for here at the Fishing Tackle Shop.

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General Light – Med Class Shimano Rods 
Shimano Maikuro Rods

Shimano Maikuro rods are highly affordable graphite fishing rods. See our range for river, lake, boat, surf and rock fishing.

Shimano Catana Fishing Rods

Buy Shimano Catana Fishing Rods for they are ultra-light weight and highly responsive!

Shimano Classix Fishing Rods

Buy Shimano Classix Fishing rods which are Steve Starling’s darling! In this affordable price range they are top performers!

Shimano Raider Fishing Rods

Buy Shimano Raider Fishing Rods if you’re looking for an affordable great range of rods especially ideal for lures.

Shimano TCurve TK3G Fishing Rods

Buy a TK3G fishing rod if you are willing to spend a bit more to get a top shelf quality fishing rod with all the bells and whistles.

Shimano Tcurve REVOLUTION Inshore Fishing Rods

Buy Shimano Revolution Inshore fishing rods. Mid-price range rods designed to perform well in inshore fishing situations.

Shimano Impact Nano XT Rods

Buy Shimano Impact Nano XT Rods which are built using the new Nano technology; making these graphite rods stronger!

Shimano Lip Stix Fishing Rods

Buy Shimano Lipstix fishing rods which are something special for the ladies – slick and easy to use!

Shimano Zodias JDM Fishing Rods

Shimano Zodias super high quality Rods for sale. Check out our amazing prices

Shimano Taipan

Shop our range of Shimano Taipan rods here. Affordable rods for boat, lake and river

Shimano Surf / Rock Fishing Rods 
Shimano Aerowave Graphite Surf Fishing Rods

Buy Shimano Aerowave Surf Rods - multi piece Fishing Rods which are a treat for beach and rock anglers seeking a heavy duty rod!

Shimano TCurve Revolution Coastal Rods

Buy Shimano Revolution Coastal Rods which have been developed for beach and rock fishing but are of premium quality.

Shimano Travel Rods 
Shimano TCurve Revolution Travel Fishing Rods

Buy Shimano Revolution Travel fishing rods which are a great companion for travelling and for storing in the car!

Shimano Raider Travel Inshore Fishing Rods

Shimano Raider Travel Inshore Fishing Rods

Boat – Game Rods 
Shimano Backbone Fishing Rods

Buy Shimano Backbone Fishing Rods for their affordable price tag and heavy duty performance for game fishing.

Shimano TCurve Game Fishing Rods

Buy Shimano TCurve Game Fishing rods renowned for being the industry’s best game fishing rods!

Boat – Jig Rods 
Spear Guns

Buy Shimano Tcurve Deep Jig Rods which now come in an all new design and are ideal for deep jigging!

Shimano JDM Rods

See our range of Shimano JDM Grappler Jig and Game Type J Jig Rods For Sale Here

Heavy Tackle (shore/boat) 
Beach Accessories

Buy Shimano Ocea Rods - Top shelf quality which are super strong to cater to your offshore fishing needs!

Shimano Terez Fishing Rods

Buy Shimano Terez Fishing rods for they are unique and a class of their own; unrivalled in quality and design super thin and very powerful!

Shimano TCurve Bluewater Series Fishing Rods

Buy Shimano TCurve Bluewater Fishing rods for they’ll be effective against any bluewater game fish.

Shimano TCurve Revolution Coastal Rods

Buy Shimano REVOLUTION offshore fishing rods which are a light weight but extremely tough for ocean boat fishing!

Shimano Grappler Heavy Spin Popper Stickbait Rods

See our range of JDM grappler heavy spin rods for sale here



Australian-Engineered – Australian anglers value Shimano fishing rods for their high-performance functionality. And this is no coincidence, as Shimano Australia engineers its fishing rods to excel in Australian angling conditions.

Precision Design – A number of the fishing rod models in this category have been designed specifically to catch dedicated species like bass, bream, flathead, GTs, marlin, whiting, and many others and if you need assistance in choosing the right rod for you then you can come to us for advice ahead of all your major purchases via our online chat platform, via email or by giving us a call.

Rods for Your Purpose – Anglers typically favour a couple of techniques or rod designs above all others. Find the best fishing rods by browsing our catalogue of models for Freshwater or saltwater, spinning, overhead, game fishing, general boat fishing, jigging, baitrunning, baitcasting, and more.

Finding Balance – Shimano has developed innovative blanks to find the ideal balance of power and flexibility for your fishing rod while also cutting back on weight.