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Shimano Tag-Em boat rods – Saltwater Fishing rods for boat fishing offshore

Getting out on the blue water and chasing the likes of tuna, sharks, or Blue, Striped and Black Marlin needn’t be the exclusive niche of the super wealthy. It’s nice to know we can all get equipped for the battle of all fishing battles without having to compromise on things like boat rod performance. The Shimano Tag-Em boat rods offer a host of awesome features without having to endure heart failure at the checkout.

An E-Glass blank is the backbone of every rod in the range of Shimano Tag-Em boat rods. Then, depending on the model(s) you choose, you will enjoy inclusions such as Custom EVA grips, Pac Bay/Carbon Butt Assemblies with a few of the models also featuring Pac Bay Bent butts. Guides are either Pac Bay, fuji or a combination of the aforementioned, with the TAGDEEP including a Swivel Tip. Most models are one piece. Check the list below for the 2-piece models. Whatever you choose, you’re equipped, relatively inexpensively, to handle the oceans biggest and meanest.

The superb range and accessible price point allows you to select one or you could go all out and grab a number of models to keep in the boat so you can immediately refine your rig specifically for target or technique. Don’t hit a patch of whatever game fish and wish you had this rod or that rod. Buy it now and keep it in the boat so you are covered for all situations. That’s the beauty of the Tag-Em range; all the beauty and the performance without the heart-breaking price tag.

Grab a selection of Tag-Em boat rods for sale now and deck out your boat. Make sure you grab overhead and spin models. Variety is the spice of life. There’s even an electric reel specific model for the deep drop angler.

Features and Specifications

ModelTypeLength (m)Line Class (kg)PiecesButt AssemblyGuides
TAG10RUN Overhead (with runner tip) 5ft 7 inches 10kg 1 Pac Bay/Carbon Butt Fuji
TAG15RUN Overhead (with runner tip) 5ft 7 inches 15kg 1 Pac Bay/Carbon Butt Pac Bay
TAG24RUN Overhead (with runner tip) 5ft 7 inches 24kg 1 Pac Bay/Carbon Butt Pac Bay
TAG15ROLL Overhead (fully rollered guides) 5ft 7 inches 15kg 1 Pac Bay/Carbon Butt Pac Bay
TAG24ROLL Overhead (fully rollered guides) 5ft 7 inches 24kg 1 Pac Bay/Carbon Butt Pac Bay
TAG24ROLLBB Overhead (fully rollered guides) 5ft 7 inches 24kg 2(Butt Join) Pac Bay Bent Pac Bay
TAG37ROLLBB Overhead (fully rollered guides) 5ft 7 inches 37kg 2(Butt Join) Pac Bay Bent Pac Bay
TAGDEEP Deep Drop Rod for electric reels 5ft 6 inches PE8 (approx. 80lb braid) 2(Butt Join) Pac Bay Bent Fuji/Pac Bay Swivel Tip
TAG1015SP Spinning Rod 6ft 10-15kg 1 Pac Bay/EVA Fuji K Alconite
TAG1524SP Spinning Rod 6ft 15-24kg 1 Pac Bay/EVA Fuji K Alconite
  • Model: Shimano Tag-Em boat rods
  • Type: Game Rods – Ideal for marlin, sharks, tuna, dorado and other game fish
  • Suitable for saltwater boat fishing offshore
  • E-Glass blank
  • Pac Bay and or Fuji componentry
  • Medium/Fast Action

Note: Price is for 1 single rod only and will vary depending on which model you choose to purchase from us. Images for illustration only, variations can occur.

Shimano Tag-Em boat rods Buyer’s Guide

As we have mentioned this series of fishing rod is designed for boat fishing targeting saltwater game fish. You will need to decide which model will suit you best, if your budget allows it why not grab a few.

Overhead Game Fishing models

There are a couple of choices when it comes to the Tag-Em overhead range. First you need to decide which line class you will run. Will you run 10kg line (around 20lb), 15kg line (around 30lb), 24kg line (around 50lb) or 37kg line (around 80lb)? Once you know what line class you will run it makes things easy as from here we have a rod to match the line class. Next you will need to decide on if you want a runner model or a full roller model. The most significant difference between the two are that the runner models offer a little more versatility for trolling and general reef fishing / bottom bouncing whereas the fully roller models are the better choice for those that just troll a lot of lures.

If you choose to purchase a Tag-Em 10kg model, this rod will match quite well with Shimano reels such as the TLD20 or 25 or Tyrnos 20. If choosing to purchase a 15kg model reels that will go well are the Tiagra, tyrnos or TLD 30 sized reel. Moving onto 24kg models, the ideal reel choices will be Tiagra, TLD or tyrnos 50 sizes and finally if you purchase the 37kg model reel choice will usually be an 80 sized overhead such as the Tiagra 80.

Deep Drop Fishing Rod Model

The TAGDEEP rod is designed for deep drop offshore. This model will go well with any electric fishing reel.

Spinning Models

The Tag-Em series also has a couple of spinning rod models in it. For these, you will naturally need a spinning reel to suit. We recommend a spinning reel size class of around a 6000-8000 size for the TAG1015SPIN Model or an 8000-18000 for the TAG1524SP model.


  • The E-glass Blank of the Shimano Tag-Em boat rods is superbly crafted and super tough with the strength you need to handle the oceans biggest saltwater game fish.
  • Pac Bay and Fuji componentry sit well on the E-glass blank. This combination provides you with the confidence you need to lay into aggressive game species knowing your equipment is up to the task, regardless of the size of the monster on the hook.
  • The design and styling are superb. Life is far too short to chase beautiful marlin with an ugly fishing rod.

Fishing the blue water is always seen as a costly affair. It takes a fair tank of fuel for a trip to the shelf and back. It’s great to know that Shimano are looking to save you a few dollars by providing the quality of the Shimano Tag-Em boat rods for sale now, at a price point we all can afford.


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