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Free Wheeling Hand Operated Outboard

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    Product Description

    Free Wheeling Hand Operated Outboard For Sale - Ideal for small boats, Tinnies, canoes etc.

    I’m Excited! were the words of Australian entrepreneur Big Kev who dawned across many television sets across Australia in the 90’s and early 2000’s. However, nothing gets me more steamed up and excited than this latest Australian home grown invention the Free Wheeling outboard boat propeller system by Ron Marks and his company Dynamic Products.  What a spectacular invention!   So why am I so excited?

    First of all one our biggest selling products here at Fishing Tackle Shop is electric trolling motors for small boats. We literally sell hundreds a year. However, whilst electric motors have their place they can be bulky, weigh quite a bit, need an ultra heavy battery to run which can often add about 15-30kgs of extra weight to your boat, tender or canoe and can often only give you limited running time. NOT SO with the Free Wheeling hand turned outboard propeller system. You  don’t need to worry about adding unnecessary weight to your water craft, you don’t need to worry about your battery dying on a full days fishing adventure and you don’t need to break the bank! Yep you read right you don’t need to break the bank! Weigh up what a transom electric boat motor will cost you. Depending on brands and models the average electric boat motor can go anywhere from $150ish through to around $500ish, then add a good quality deep cycle marine sealed battery to the mix and there goes a couple hundred dollars more and don’t forget the trickle charger to charge your deep cycle battery… all of a sudden we have quite an expensive bit of kit but not if you have a free wheeling hand crank boat propeller. Just check out our listed price and you will be amazed!  For such a quality and incredibly affordable well thought out Aussie invention this is certainly something to get excited about.

    So, no petrol, no outboard oil, no battery, no pollution. With over 50,000 units already sold globally. Did I tell you I was excited?

    What about the safety aspect? Imagine… let’s say Terry has been out on the water all day on his small tinnie, he’s currently in the middle of the lake and its around a 5km trip back to shore it’s getting  dark, it looks like a storm may come through shortly, Terry goes to start his petrol powered boat motor and uh ohh, it won’t start. No matter what Terry tries it just won’t kick over. The kids are screaming and fighting with each other and terry is tearing his hair out with frustration. What to do…  Terry makes the call to the waterways office to come and give him a tow back to shore, their out assisting another boat at the moment tell terry to sit tight, they will be there as soon as they can. Terry wishes he had purchased a Free wheeling hand operated outboard which could have simply got Terry back to shore at up to 4 knots of speed.

    These are just a few classic examples of the benefits of owning a free wheeling hand operated outboad. Go ahead and check out the rest of the features, specs and benefits below.

    Features and Specifications

    ♦   Model: Free Wheeling hand crank boat propeller system

    ♦   Suitable for most Tenders, Dinghys, inflatable boats,Tinnie boats and could even be used on a canoe

    ♦   Can be used on most small watercraft upto 4.5 metres

    ♦   3:1 Gear ratio meaning that one revolution of the crank handle actually turns the propeller its self 3 times around.

    ♦   G Clamp with Adjustable turning spigot

    ♦   Capable of being able to steer

    ♦   Capable of being able to propel boats upto speed of 4-5 knots depending on load.

    ♦   Able to go forwards as well as backwards

    ♦   Australian design and invention

    ♦   Mount onto transom of your boat or create a bracket and attach to a canoe

    ♦   Useful fishing accessory – get among the shallows to target bream, flathead and more with less risk of spooking the fish as well as ability to access areas that may not be accessible with a petrol powered outboard.

    ♦   Incredibly affordable

    ♦   Saltwater and Freshwater friendly


    ♦   Free Wheeling hand propelled outboards cost absolutely nothing to run other than your small initial investment of purchasing the item. So no need for petrol, outboard oil, a battery, nothing!

    ♦   Able to push small watercrats at upto 4-5 knots depending on load which is absolutely incredible given it is manually operated by hand.

    ♦   Great to have on the boat even if it is not used for any other purpose other than keeping it on hand should your petrol outboard fail to start.

    ♦   Ideal for fishing shallow flats, lakes, rivers etc. Also ideal for fishing on freshwater dams where you are not allowed to use petrol powered outboards nor use battery powered motors.

    Free Wheeling hand operated outboards are a fantastic Australian invention with over 50,000 units currently sold globally. They make an affordable and wise investment. Purchase your Free Wheeling hand crank boat propeller system here today at Fishing Tackle Shop. We deliver Australia and World Wide.

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